Ketogenic Diet With Siim Land (Biohacker’s LIVE Show)

Show notes:

What is the ketogenic diet? How to become a fat-burning machine? Is ketosis good for exercise? How to become keto adapted? How to measure if you are in ketosis? What are the health effects of switching from carbohydrates to fats as a primary fuel source?

Biohacker’s Live Show features top experts in optimal human performance as if they were in your living room. Your host is Teemu Arina, the co-author of the Biohacker’s Handbook and curator of the Biohacker Summit.

The hero of a greater journey, an anthropological student of life, a self-empowered being – those are the words Siim Land uses to describe himself. He is a writer and content creator on topics related to human performance and life enhancement. Ever since childhood, Siim’s been fascinated by human nature and the world around him, which ignited his pursuit towards understanding life as it unravels itself in your subjective experience. After taking up the call to adventure and starting his blog, he’s committed himself to lifelong personal growth and the empowerment of others. Admitting that he knows nothing, Siim shares with you the most profound lessons and strategies that have changed his outlook on life.

Lowering High Blood Pressure With Raw Food

If you or someone you know has high blood pressure, there is a low-cost, safe way to overcome this problem. The nice thing about this method, is that it works for many other ailments as well…

The Uses Of Ginger Root

Ginger is a valued ingredient in recipes throughout the world. This herb is found used as a flavoring in a number of foods such as cakes, cookies, breads, beverages, sauces, fruit dishes, and Asian cooking.

Biomat: Relieve Pain the Modern Way

The modern day lifestyle is fraught with all kinds of stresses and tension. We are constantly on our feet trying to make a good living and keep up with the daily tasks and chores. As a result, we land up with a host of diseases that tend to disrupt our daily work and even threaten our existence in some cases.

A Doctor Must Be Considerate Towards the Patients’ Needs!

“DOCTOR” is someone the patient relies completely on. With the increasing awareness among general public about better healthcare facilities, there is tremendous change in the mindset of the people. Now they know what is right and what is wrong.

Magnetic Rings – An Alternative Pain Cure?

Now you can benefit from the healing powers found in magnets by wearing magnetic rings. Unlike some magnet therapy’s that use two distinct magnets to provide healing power, a magnetic ring is made entirely of magnets. You have the benefit of magnets encircling your entire finger or toe. This provides a greater range of healing powers.

Why Essence Is Better Than Appearance?

In the age of preservatives, additives and the unavoidable, negative health-effects of ubiquitous by-products, the essence of substances in general is often destroyed. Essence is described as the core nature of a thing; the most superior facet of a given form.

Dealing With Constipation Homeopathically!

Regular and satisfactory bowel movement is bliss! But sadly not many people enjoy this gift and suffer from what we term as constipation. Hard, difficult to pass stools irrespective of the frequency of bowel movement is also called as constipation.

Growing Taller Secrets – Let’s Take a Look at the Reasons and Countermeasures

If you are looking for ways to grow taller, it means that you have not reached the height you desire. This recognition might have been attributed to many reasons. You are excluded from the basketball games gradually.

Top 10 Homeopathic Remedies for Headache!

Treating headache is one of the important aspects of homeopathic prescribing I would say, because it instills confidence in the doctor that they can give rapid and sustained relief to the patients with aptly chosen homeopathic medicine. Rather in the initial practice, it was ‘headache’ that gave me lot of patients for other problems, because they never thought homeopathy can relieve headaches so fast!

A Guide to Yeast Infection Treatment

Before we can discuss yeast infection treatment we need some information about what yeast infection actually is. Yeast infection is caused by an overgrowth of candida albicans bacteria. We all have a vast number of different bacteria including candida on our skin, in our mouths, in the genital area and in our intestines.

The Third Chakra – The Solar Plexus Chakra

The Solar plexus chakra, the third chakra is called Manipura in ancient Sanscrit and it is located just above the navel. The energy from this chakra comes out of the front of the body and also to a lesser extent (as with all of the chakras except for the root and the crown) comes out of the back of the body too. The energy flows out of the body in the from of a vortex from just above the navel and from a point directly behind it on the back. The energy flow from the front of the body is considerably greater than that from the back.

Armpit Sweating Advice That Can Help Restore Self-Confidence

Restoring self confidence when you have an excessive sweating condition is part of the healing process even after you remedy your condition. The mental aspects as well as the physical aspects all need to be addressed when giving armpit sweating advice because it all ties in together. That’s what this article focuses on.

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