Keto for Dummies (Dorian Greenow, USA)

In 2015, Dorian weighed 210 lbs, had all the markers for metabolic syndrome. He and his wife, Gemma embarked on the ketogenic lifestyle and began monitoring their glucose and ketones to dial in their nutrition choices. Within six months, Dorian had lost 47 lbs and came off all medications. The Ketogenic lifestyle changed their lives, but ketone testing was expensive and inaccessible. In 2017, Dorian successfully launched Keto-Mojo, lowering the cost of ketone testing by 75%, offering the first affordable, accurate blood glucose and ketone testing meter. With the launch of the GKI and GK+ meters, and the HIPAA and GDPR compliant MyMojoHealth, their platform now provides real time data for monitoring and compliance, resulting in better health outcomes. Dorian speaks at numerous conferences globally. He and Gemma also founded The Ketogenic Foundation, a non-profit charity, fostering Ketogenic Education, Medical Research, and Information Sharing for the benefit of improving the health of humankind.

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