Kasper van der Meulen: Hacking the REMOTE CONTROL of Your Nervous System

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Kasper van der Meulen is an author and lifestyle adventurer. He went from being overweight, burnt out and unhappy, to developing superhuman focus, fitness and personal freedom. He put himself through numerous experiments and challenges. He optimized his lifestyle, conquered the cold, ran ultramarathons on his bare feet, tested countless diets, read a ton of scientific literature and explored as many esoteric practices he could find. With over ten thousand hours of experience in teaching science, self-mastery and innovation, he decided to demystify and methodize these principles in a fun and bitesized manner. As a final test of his focus, he wrote his book within 30 days, so that he would have to practice everything he preaches. His book “MindLift – Mental Fitness for the Modern Mind” became an Amazon best seller. Kasper now travels the world on a mission to teach others to be the healthiest, happiest and strongest version of themselves through transformative experiences and down-to-earth scientific understanding. He is the teacher-teacher of the Wim Hof Academy, he runs experiential retreats in extreme nature and he trains elite performers and professional athletes. All while keeping a playful and creative approach to self-optimisation.

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Time to Chill

Modern day stress is becoming an increasing problem. It is estimated that there are now approximately 19 million Americans suffering from stress and anxiety, with this number growing. Suffering from stress is, of course, very unhealthy, It causes *dis-ease in the body, which in turn brings down your body’s defenses and leaves you open to all sorts of illnesses and symptoms.

Calendula Oil

Calendula oil is one of the safest infused oils to use on your skin. The oil is recommended to be used for infections caused by bacteria, fungi, and viruses.

Advantages of Avena Sativa (Oats)

Avena sativa, also known as oats, is a cereal that can be included as part of a healthy diet. Oats plays a crucial role in the promotion of health in humans. This is because it contains compounds that have certain medicinal properties. Some of these compounds are calcium, iron and amino acids like lysine and mehtionine.

Is Breath Therapy For You?

Breath therapy is an incorporation of a variety of techniques that help you to breathe in a natural and healthy way. Breath therapy not only supports our overall health and well-being, it can also be used to help solve various physical and emotional problems that we may encounter from time to time. This type of therapy is ideal for stress reduction, relaxation and pain relief.

Is Energy Healing For You?

Energy healing has a variety of different explanations amongst the various cultures. In traditional Chinese Medicine, it is thought that energy healing removes any blockages in the meridians, which are the energy pathways that run through the body. Other healers believe that energy healing works by balancing and stabilizing the chakras, which are a series of energy centers in the body that correspond to the endocrine glands.

The Various Remedy Advantage – Study How You Can Heal Yourself With Herbs

Alternative medicine believes that natural health is a consequence of a wide range of totally different sources coming together. Thus it chooses the perfect from varied choices accessible, to be able to provide good health. It does so by constructing the sturdy factors, preventing the weak ones, and generally dictating a life-style that’s naturally healthy.

How To Do A Parasite Cleanse

A parasite cleanse can be done naturally, either by following the instructions of a parasite cleansing kit, or by consuming plenty of anti-parasitic foods, and by avoiding foods that feed parasites. Both methods are effective, and can eliminate just about any type of parasite that you have living inside of you.

Natural Remedies For Parasites

The idea of parasites roaming around inside the body, is not a very pretty idea. However, parasites affect more people than what is known, as parasites are hard to detect. They can hide themselves in with the other cells of the body so that an x-ray machine cannot pick them up. Therefore, natural remedies for parasites can help in cases when they are present, but nothing shows up in the testing.

5 Reasons to Choose a Natural Remedy Over a Prescription Drug

Natural remedy for illnesses versus prescription drugs has been the subject of medical debates for quite some time now. While most patients swear by what their doctors prescribe, others have started questioning the risks that typically go with pharmaceutical remedies, and have embarked on the task of looking for safer and more natural alternatives.

Use Herbs To Improve Your General Health

Herbs are the fragrant leaves of many plants that commonly grow in temperate climates and do not have woody stems. Spices, in contrast, are not obtained from the leaves, but come from stems, seeds and bark, etc., of various plants and trees.

Excessive Sweating Cure Tips

Sweating excessively is a very common problem experienced by thousands of people all over the world. This is a clinical condition where some body parts sweat in an abnormal way. Learn about excessive sweating cure tips here…

Benefits of Honey You May Not Know

Benefits of honey were largely forgotten when easy and cheap sugar made its entrance into our modern world. Until the arrival of this bleached white sweetener most people had a bee hive in their garden or at the very least knew a local bee keeper or two from which they purchased their honey. Honey is packed full of nutrition with a huge amount of essential vitamins, minerals, enzymes and the most incredible healing properties.

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