Kaspars Vendelis: Beyond Self quantifying & Self hacking

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Optimizing for self, for performance and for any kind of improvement is only one half of the biohacking equation. Leaving out the social aspect may negatively affect the human longevity and everyday well-being. How to biohack and build up the smallest community form (i.e. family) as well as the larger social structure (biohacking community). This all as part of the bigger vision – in order to lead the whole nation to become the happiest nation in Europe. Kaspar Vendelis is a Health-Lifestyle Promoter, Serial Entrepreneur & Foodpreneur @ Biohacking.lv

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Antioxidants – How They Work

Every cell in our bodies needs oxygen to survive. It is therefore ironic that oxygen is also responsible for damaging cells through a process called oxidation.

Overcome Perspiration Smell – Employ 3 Obvious But Overlooked Solutions

Perspiration smell is one of those topics that most people would rather not talk about. Especially if they’re facing a severe problem with excessive sweating that is producing an unpleasant body odor. Not only will we talk about sweating and perspiration smell, we will touch on not sweating and how that can affect not only your social life… but your existence. Read as we will discuss the importance of sweating and a few obvious but overlooked remedies to rid you of your undesirable perspiration smell for good.

Water Filtration is Vital For a Spa

The spa water in the spa is important. It is something that a person is going to be able to enjoy when in the spa. It will help to see that the spa filter that is being used will be working to keep this spa water clean.

Tips and Techniques For Spa

There are certain methods and tips for maintaining the spa which involves usage of water and different chemicals and compounds and many other things. If the spa owner follows these techniques, he/she can ensure a good healthy environment and also quality service for their customers.

The Temperature of a Spa Will Always Be Up to 104 Degrees Fahrenheit

A number of spas can work with spa temperature adjustment knobs. These can be used to help with ensuring that a person will be able to get a comfortable temperature ready when using a spa. However, there is a limit on the spa temperature that one can use.

Spas Can Come in a Variety of Sizes

An important thing to see about a spa is that it can come in a variety of sizes. The spa size options that one can use are great for anyone to see. These spas can work with different shapes and capacity levels.

Spa Lighting Can Add to the Mood of a Spa

A spa can feature a unique lighting system. This is something that will work to allow the spa to be used at night. Spa lighting can come in a number of forms. This can be one of the best spa accessories to use no matter what type of spa lighting format is used.

Spa – A Great Way For Stress Release

Spas have been in use since the ancient times of human civilization. The Roman Civilization was known for its lavish lifestyle and bold display of mannerisms and so was bathing also a part of the communal gathering.

Outdoor Spas Could Be Attractive

Having a spa outdoor could be really attractive and pleasant. The ambiance of the surroundings always makes an impact on the human mind. Choosing the right place for an activity enhances the quality of performance.

Hot Tub Treatments Are Open at a Spa

A nice hot tub spa is something that will be found at a typical resort spa. The use of a hot tub treatment can be very beneficial for the body. This is thanks to the many benefits that a hot tub treatment can provide to the body.

Energy Saving Features to See in a Spa

A good spa can work as a green spa. This is a type of spa that will not use up a large amount of energy. There are a number of ways how a spa can work to reduce its spa energy output. These can be used to help with getting a spa to use less power and to therefore make it friendlier on the environment.

Calcium Hardness Should Be Considered For Spa Water

There are some places around the country where the water is known for being hard. This type of water is something that features a good amount of calcium in the water. Other places have soft water with low calcium levels.

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