Join us at the Biohacker’s Retreat in April 2023!

The Biohacker’s Retreat is your opportunity to learn from the best to become a fully optimized human, aligned with yourself, your biology and your purpose. Tickets (a few Early Birds are still left!) and information can be found here:

Much love to Samina Rind for kindly lending her voice and image as she summarizes her experience and impressions from the event! Follow her @saminarind on Instagram ๐Ÿ™‚

During this immersive and exclusive retreat in a beautiful natural location in Estonia, you will be guided by top European biohackers: the co-authors of the best-selling Biohacker’s Handbook, co-author of the upcoming Resilient Being & professional biohacker Teemu Arina and Dr. Olli Sovijรคrvi, as well as master breathwork educator & facilitator Leigh Ewin.

The 3-day full-on and hands-on biohacking learning experience will be further enhanced by sound healer Jani Toivonen, ceremonial musicians Mikko Heikinpoika & Magdalena Sofia and other world-class performers – as well as the latest biohacking tech, supplements, nutrient-dense food, and the presence of beautiful nature.

You will learn hands-on how to optimize your body, mind, and soul by having simply perfect days together with Your Tribe. The event climaxes in an epic fire & cacao ceremony, so it’s nothing less than a mini Burning Man – organized by the world’s top biohacking conference Biohacker Summit, known for its uncompromising production values. We hope to see you there!

Get a Stronger Immune System & Increased Beauty With Olive Leaf Herbal Medicine and Natural Care

Most people would be interested in getting a stronger immune system if they were aware of the fact that it’s actually possible to achieve it with a quite easy method. Olive leaf herbal medicine is exactly what you need.

Remedies For Heartburn

Heartburn as you may know can take place spontaneously, it can happen unexpectedly, can be very uncomfortable and it can easily ruin your day without notice. If you are looking for natural remedies for heartburn you have come to the right place.

Reiki Classes Online

Up until a few years ago, the only way to learn Reiki was through attending classes given by a Reiki Master. If you choose to go that route today, it may take you up to two years or more. This was the only way in which Reiki had been taught and passed from generation to generation in a conventional manner. Fortunately – and thanks to the technology of the modern era- it can be easier to learn this wonderful healing art through Reiki classes online.

Practice Reiki Healing to Open Up Your Energy Flows and Boost Creative Thinking

What do you achieve by clearing the Chakras? Imbalanced and unclean chakras cause fatigue and curtail your creativity. It suppresses the positive energy flow which is naturally present in a normal person. On the other hand clean and balanced chakras open up our energy flows and boost creative thinking.

Why Do I Have Green Poop? – Top 3 Reasons Green Bowel Movements Occur

Sometimes green bowel movements can be completely harmless. However, it may also be indicative of a more serious, underlying problem. How can you tell the difference between the two, and what commonly causes green poop? Read on to find out more…

Can Cold Remedies Offer You the Potential of Better Overall Health?

If you’re looking for some simple cold remedies to use at home, why not look for the best ones. Ones that offer you the potential of a life change, to take you to a place beyond where you currently are.

How to Cure a UTI Without Medications – 6 Remedies That Work

Many people across the globe have been using home remedies to treat their medical conditions instead of medications, with much success. Because home remedies are growing in popularity, many people are left wondering how to cure UTI without medications, and will these alternative treatments work.

Sandalwood Essential Oil

Sandalwood oil is distilled from roots and heartwood from the inner part of the sandalwood tree, an evergreen whose wood is among the strongest and heaviest in the world. It’s pale to dark yellow essential oil is the richest and longest lasting of essential oils and the beautiful fragrance is enhanced with time, rather than becoming rancid as most oils when they age.

Rose Essential Oil

Rose bushes, familiar to everyone, yield an essential oil from flower petals, ranging in color from pale pink to deep scarlet red. The most common species for aromatherapy are the Damascus, Cabbage or French Rose.

Neroli Essential Oil

Neroli, also called orange blossom, is the pale yellow oil from deeply fragrant white flowers of the Seville orange. It has a delicate, fresh floral fragrance with a strong, bitter-sweet undertone and is an ingredient in many popular perfumes.

Lavender Oil

Lavender oil comes from the purple or violet flowers of a bushy shrub with gray or green leaves grown globally, but the most desirable comes from France and England. The colorless to pale yellow-green oil has a clean, floral fragrance, slightly sweet, with subtle balsamic or woody undertones.

Shocking Secrets About Dark Green Poop – Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment

Dark green poop usually implies that food is undigested. It has passed through the intestines without the process of becoming digested and changing color. So why does this happen, and what are the health consequences?

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