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The Cancer Crime Committed by Doctors

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Gallstones Natural Treatment – 3 Top Herbal Medicines

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Warts – Cured With Sulphur

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Homeopathic Boils Treatment – 5 Reasons to Use a Homeopathic Remedy

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Get Help With Embarrassing Medical Problems – Excessive Sweating

When you have a skin rash, ingrown toenail or a neck ache, it is pretty easy to make an appointment with a medical professional and discuss it openly. Whether you are on the phone with the receptionist, standing in the waiting room in front of other patients or talking with the nurses or the doctor in their office, you can openly discuss and ask questions about your malady.

Effective Injury Treatment Should Be Immediate and With an Energetic Medicine

Any injury, or damage to tissue, can create a myriad of problems later on if it’s not treated immediately with an energetic medicine. This treatment can prevent untold sequela from developing as a result of the injury.

Chronic Pain is More Effectively Healed When the Source is Targeted

If you are looking how best to manage your chronic pain, it’s best to try to remember what the original cause was. Often it’s from an injury. If that’s the case, then you are more than half way to healing your problem.

“Please Stick Out Your Tongue” – Acupuncture and Infertility

If you were Chinese and visited an acupuncturist, you would be asked to “kan kan she tai” translated as “Let me see your tongue and fur”. S/he would then examine your tongue for shape, size, color, thickness, moistness, smell, surface imperfections and of course “fur” or coating. You would not be expected to stick your tongue out for any length of time, as the strain of doing so would influence the tongue’s shape and color, but it would be examined several times during the session.

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