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✅ 5 Foods That Have Almost “0” Calories🍲 (Weight Loss Foods Part 2)

✅ 3 tips to start Intermittent Fasting for BEGINNERS

✅ 3 Intermittent Fasting Tricks to Burn Fat Faster (3X Weight Loss)🔥

✅ What I did to Lose Weight and Keep it Off Consistently

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As Good As New Complex

As the body ages, this leads to a lot of important demographic and economic implications. Aging is a biological process which has molecular bases; some of these are increases in chromosomal structural abnormalities, DNA cross-linking, frequency of single strand breaks, a decline in DNA methylation and loss of DNA telomeric sequences. In protein synthesis, there is increased post-translational changes, deamination, oxidation, cross-linking and non-enzymatic glycation.

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Herbs as food have been used to heal diseases for a long time. As reported in Discovery magazine, they have found the bones of a young lady and by using the carbon testing, it is estimated that she was 27,000 years old. So we can surmise herbs have been used by humans for at least 27,000 years on this planet.

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