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Herbs For Better Health Right Now

Feeling fatigued and stressed can be a result of the body not getting its required vitamins and nutrients. Such deficiencies can even cause sleeping problems, dry skin and hair and even finger nails turning brittle. These are a sure sign that your body needs to restore its balance of required nutrients and vitamins. One of the best ways of dealing with this imbalance is to take herbal diet supplements. These can improve your overall health and rarely if ever have any side effects. Some of them may cause allergic reactions, but these are immediately known and can be tackled accordingly. Overdosing however is definitely not on the cards as this can cause complications.

Passing Kidney Stones Naturally

If you have ever suffered from them, you know that passing kidneys to naturally, quickly, and without pain is the only thing on your mind. There are four steps to kidney stone treatment, and if you follow them, you can relieve your current condition, as well as prevent a recurrence.

Gout Toe Or Big Toe Gout

What is gout of the big toe indicative of? Should you be worried? Learn more about gout toe by reading on, and see if you can cure or relieve your pain.

What is Craniosacral Therapy?

Craniosacral therapy (CST) is based on the belief that by using light pressure exhibited through touch the pressures afflicted on the craniosacral system can be reduced, thereby leading to wellness in individuals with certain conditions affecting the brain, spine and other areas of the body. The craniosacral system encompasses the cranial bones, cerebrospinal fluid, nerves, and membranes that encompass the brain and spinal cord. This holistic practice also reinforces the idea that the bones of the cranium can be moved and that this movement affects the craniosacral rhythm of the cerebrospinal fluid.

Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS)

Not many people know about Restless leg syndrome(RlS). RLS is also known as Wittmaack-Ekbom’s syndrome and it’s a condition that many people have never heard of, or not very little about it. So, what is RLS?

Heal That Aching Heart

The heart – not only does it give us life by beating continuously until our death, it also becomes “alive” when we are happy or when we are hurt. Socrates espoused that man is a rational animal – that is, the only path to knowledge is a rational mind.

What is Ganoderma? – The 7 Benefits of Ganoderma

Ganoderma has long been used in Asia as part of their medicinal treatments. Its natural ability to boost the immune system has earned it the nickname ‘King of Herbs’ and it has even been ranked above Ginseng. Research done in China, Japan and parts of America shows one common element which is that Ganoderma has anti-oxidant, anti-viral and anti-fungal properties.

Caralluma Fimbriata Plant Extract

Losing weight is usually a real challenge as the way we feel about food and our bodies needs to change and the habits that we have. So it is logical that people need assistance to be successful in their endeavour. Everyone knows that to lose weight you need to do exercise and eat a diet that is well balanced, however it can be difficult to do this if you are getting strong hunger pangs, which makes over eating all too enticing. As bad eating habits are harmful to your health you need…

Dissolve Kidney Stones – Home Cure For Kidney Stones

A popular Google search these days is ‘dissolve kidney stone’. Many patients who suffer from this painful disease are struggling with passing their stones. This is because stones that are bigger than 5 mm will typically not pass by staying well hydrated.

Holy Basil – Why You May Need it

Holy Basil is one of the mot powerful and useful herbs on the planet. Its health benefits have been proven not only by folk lore, but by modern scientific research.

Apple Cider Vinegar and Garlic – Not Just For Cooking Anymore!

Did you know that Apple Cider Vinegar can zap a zit? Or that Garlic can cure your athlete’s foot? Read on to learn more about the healing benefits of these two simple ingredients!

Types of Renal Failure

Renal failure in humans are of two types: one is acute (ARF), while the other is chronic (CRF). As the name suggests ARF occurs suddenly and whereas chronic is of long duration.

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