Interview: Vessi Jalkanen (FIN) on Sitting Practices to Improve Productivity (Biohacker Summit 2019)

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In the interview, you’ll hear how good sitting and ergonomics can increase your productivity and wellbeing.

Veli-Jussi ”Vessi” Jalkanen is a health innovator and preventive health expert besides his many other inventing areas. He is also an entrepreneur with 5 very different companies. The sitting health expert Salli co exports to over 60 countries. He is the leading sitting health expert and developer in ergonomics, sitting physiology and anatomy. He has made himself a test person to many of his` and others` preventive health and healthy lifestyle ideas and practices. His everyday life is very different compared to ordinary. Vessi is intensively in the process of making the world to understand that optimizing sitting and work environment is one of the key ways to improve preventive personal healthcare, comfort and productivity. Vessi is the creator of the optimum Sitting health concept which has 5 segments: awareness, optimum technology, optimum use, sitting friendly clothing, body activation by motion and steady blood sugar management. Vessi is an eager writer and active international speaker.

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Maqui Berries – Meet the New Superfood and Great Aid For Weight Loss and Other Health Concerns

With all the contaminants found in foods and drinks these days, the appreciation for Superfoods such as Maqui berries is definitely rising. This berry is a much better alternative to health supplements and drinks found in various markets. Get to know more about this Superfood that is dubbed to make the Acai berry take a back seat.

How To Have An Iron Body Through Tai Chi Practice

We’ve all seen movies where in the middle of a fight a hero’s enemies land what would ordinarily be devastating blows. The hero might stumble for a moment or two, but is ultimately able to withstand the hits and go on fighting and land overwhelming blows himself. Although these movie fights are just fiction, there are real ways to train to be able to have a body that, to an attacker, feels like iron.

Natural Health And Healing – It’s Common Sense

The human body is a miraculous creation and is perfectly capable of healing itself of nearly any condition in which you find yourself. The reason I said “nearly any condition” is because I am not so naive as to believe that if you abuse your body for the entirety of your life, and then find yourself only hours away from death, that you should expect at such a late date that a decision to adopt a healthy diet and a healthy lifestyle is going to save you. That said it should be noted that if in fact you have a reasonable amount of time left before succumbing to disease, a radical change in diet and lifestyle will be the only way to effect a complete healing.

Fortify Your Career With a Natural Medicine Degree

With emerging benefits of holistic approach, a lot of healthcare professionals are integrating naturopathy into their training. Taking natural approach to medicine is a complete mind, body and soul experience and worth passing on to others and that is why the natural health practice is gradually getting influence in the field of medicines. Article describe that how you can fortify your career with natural medicine degree.

Chiropractic Education Poses New Threat to Public Health With New Proposal

The Council on Chiropractic Education, the monopoly accrediting authority for the chiropractic profession, is about to adopt new rules that could pose a real threat the well-being of millions of Americans. The CCE has decided to use the power granted it (under false pretenses) to turn the entire chiropractic profession into an unwieldy group of “not quite Medical Doctors” and loose on an unsuspecting public.

Grape Seed Oil Abundant In Medicinal Values

From days immemorial, the use of different types of natural oils is quite common among people. The use of grape seed oil dates back to thousands of years during the early Greeks and Egyptians. The Egyptians popularised the use of natural oils and herbs to cure various kinds of diseases.

Our Way of Life Isn’t Sustaining Us

The average day-to-day hand-to-mouth hustle and bustle we call life is not life. It is mere subsistence or survival. It is just “getting by”.

Naturopathy – The Clear Picture

Naturopathy is a distinct school of healing which employs the beneficial elements of nature’s forces which include water, air, sunlight, earthpower, electricity, magnetism, exercise, rest, proper diet and mental and moral science. Nature has provided us with everything we need here on earth.

What Does A Natural Health Consultant Do?

As a Natural Health Consultant, I discuss and assess health issues or symptoms with clients. These assessments include educating individuals about various methods of Natural Health and recommending particular methods that will benefit a client.

Understanding What Causes Tonsil Stones: Is It a Good Preventive Measure?

Understanding what causes tonsil stones are necessary to determine an effective treatment for it. They are small and hard objects that appear at the back of the throat, between the teeth or side of the tonsils. They can be uncomfortable and irritating if they get bigger. However, they surely taste and smell badly.

What Treatment Options Are For Those Who Suffer Addictions?

Drug and alcohol dependence are very complex.They corrupt the physical, psychiatric, and psychological health of the abuser. Moreover, each person is singular and, therefore reacts differently to various levels of intoxication and, also to diverse treatment approaches. Consequently finding the appropriate cure and addiction management options for your condition is perhaps the most significant step one can take on his route to a clean life.

The Trusted Effects of Natural Remedies

It is not once or twice that you have heard people say there is work going on to discover the drug that will make man live longer and give him an ever youthful look. The rush is becoming more intense and such a discovery has continued to be more and more elusive. Anything that brings man closer to a discovery is always touted as the ultimate one, with pharmaceutical companies putting their all into it and ending up with exorbitant price tags for the consumer.

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