Interview: Teemu Arina’s feelings in the end of the first event day! (Biohacker Summit 2019)

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Join us to an interview with the event curator, Teemu Arina, who is talking about the Biohacker Summit as an event, how the first day of Biohacker Summit 2019 has been and what is expected in Day 2!

Teemu Arina has a professional career of two decades as a technology entrepreneur, author and professional speaker. Mr. Arina is one of the forefront figures of the biohacking movement. Mr. Arina has received the Leonardo Award in 2015 (under the patronage of European Parliament and UNESCO), selected as Top 100 most influential people in IT in 2016 (TIVI), and awarded the Speaker of the Year in 2017 (Speakersforum) and Leadership Trainer of the Year (Turku School of Economics, 2018). He is the co-author of the bestselling Biohacker’s Handbook series for optimising what it means to be human with technological and biological tools. Mr. Arina is also curating the Biohacker Summit (world’s top conference for biohacking) and co-founder of the Biohacker Center (an independent think tank focused on optimal human performance, health and wellbeing).

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How to Dissolve Kidney Stones – 3 Simple Steps To Dissolve Your Kidney Stones!

Want to know how to dissolve kidney stones? Stones naturally develop in the kidneys due to metabolic or genetic disorders, however these stones can also be dissolved naturally in three simple ways. They are simply home remedies that are proven safe and effective in dissolving your stones as follows:

Coriander Essential Oil – It’s Rich History

We all know that essential oils had been useful to us in many ways. In such ways that we know can last a lifetime using it. Even if we had been tired after hard days of work, we always want to shrug off the tiredness we feel.

Coriander Essential Oil – Health Benefits

Coriander Essential Oil has been known for its properties that counteracts spicy foods. And with that since hundreds of decades ago, this has already been useful until today. Carefully extracted thru steam distillation from its leaves and seeds.

Aloe Vera Benefits and Uses

The aloe vera plant has been used as a topical remedy for centuries due to it’s natural healing properties. The gelled substance extracted from the leaves is used to encourage the healing of many skin abrasions, minor burns and cuts. It’s a first aid staple that is completely natural and safe for most people and children to come into contact with.

Discovering Sinus Infection Remedies at Home to Clear Sinuses

For a couple of days now, you’ve felt terrible from your colds. You just can’t prevent sneezing from time to time with headaches.

Catmint – Discover The Healing Qualities Of The Herb

The article deals with the healing qualities of catmint. It describes simple guidelines on how to dry the herb and use it when dealing with various health problems, such as, flatulence, bronchitis, insomnia, hysterics, melancholia, menstrual disorders, nervousness, inflammation of airways, lack of appetite and other digestive disorders. Catmint is a perennial with a stem growing to a height of 100 centimeters.

Binaural Beats Vs Isochronic Tones – Is One Better Than The Other?

Binaural beats and isochronic tones are two of the leading brainwave entrainment tools today. Most people have been more familiar with binaural beats but the emergence of isochronic tones along with the claims that they are better are causing up a stir. For sure you are interested if the claims have enough basis to bump off binaural beats at the top spot.

Using Quantum Brain Healing To Treat Migraine Headaches

Quantum Brain Healing addresses the causes of illness and attempts to determine the root of the primary problem before structuring the treatment. The causes of migraine headaches include hormone imbalances of the hypothalamus, the pituitary gland, the glands that produce sex hormones, or an imbalance between the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous systems. Migraines may be due to a mineral level imbalance between calcium and magnesium, pineal gland malfunction, electromagnetic field imbalance, and emotional trauma on a cellular level.

Natural Ways For Curing Excessive Underarm Sweating

As we all know that excessive underarm sweating is becoming a major concern among people now a days. Although sweating is an important functionality of the body.

How To Wear A Magnetic Bracelet Correctly

Magnetic healing bracelets have gained popularity due to their non-invasive and painless healing methods. Wearing a magnetic bracelet helps to realign disturbances created in the body’s magnetic field.

About Causes of Excessive Sweating

Now a days many people are unaware about excessive sweating condition, and its occurrence. Those who are suffering from this bodily symptom are completely unaware of causes of excessive sweating, and always took them as natural bodily cause and never find its solution.

Factors Contributing Excessive Sweating Causes

Commonly you must have come across excessive sweating problems in daily life. It could be with you or in other people. Sweating is an integral part of our body process which is a need for maintaining the body temperature.

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