Interview: Teemu Arina with the opening remarks for Day 1 (Biohacker Summit 2019)

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The event curator Teemu Arina on the opening remarks for the first day of the Biohacker Summit 2019.

Teemu Arina has a professional career of two decades as a technology entrepreneur, author and professional speaker. Mr. Arina is one of the forefront figures of the biohacking movement. Mr. Arina has received the Leonardo Award in 2015 (under the patronage of European Parliament and UNESCO), selected as Top 100 most influential people in IT in 2016 (TIVI), and awarded the Speaker of the Year in 2017 (Speakersforum) and Leadership Trainer of the Year (Turku School of Economics, 2018). He is the co-author of the bestselling Biohacker’s Handbook series for optimising what it means to be human with technological and biological tools. Mr. Arina is also curating the Biohacker Summit (world’s top conference for biohacking) and co-founder of the Biohacker Center (an independent think tank focused on optimal human performance, health and wellbeing).

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