Interview: Olli Posti (FIN) on Optimizing Your Visit to the Supermarket (Biohacker Summit 2019)

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How to find food that loves us back, in a win-win-win way? In a world of industrial food production, mass-marketing and high-margins gaining biggest visibility, it is rare to find nutrient-dense food that speaks of quality, authenticity and real love for the produce itself. Olli Posti will be your guide to finding the gems in your local supermarket or health food store.

After eating his way out of multiple sclerosis, Olli Posti has been in the front lines for over a decade promoting joyful & healthier eating, nutrient-dense foods and supermarket survivalism. Ollis’s work has been widely covered in the Finnish media. With his unique style and vision, Olli Posti has inspired tens of thousands to enjoy a healthier life. He was chosen as The Finnish Health Influencer 2016 by a public vote and his recent book, “Supermarket Survival: For the Love of Food and Well-being” has been a best-selling book in Finland, amassing a huge following of people doing better choices at their supermarket visits.

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All You Need To Know About Aortic Valve Replacement Surgery

When the patient is told that their heart trouble is due to a defective or diseased aortic valve, they typically recommend Aortic Valve Replacement Surgery by their doctor. They are plagued with medical terms such as stenosis, calcification, regurgitation, congestive heart failure, congenital bicuspid aortic valve, and plenty of other terms that are in themselves confusing and frightening. Let’s clear up a few of these terms before discussing the surgery itself.

Playing Crystal Singing Bowls With Rhythm and Symmetry

A session with crystal singing bowls will be much more effective if played with rhythm and symmetry. Doing so creates a much more meditative experience.

Natural Remedies for Urinary Tract Infection – 6 Popular Remedies

Natural treatments are safe and easy. One of the most common examples would be the natural remedies for urinary tract infection.

Getting a V-Shaped Back

All of us want that athletic look that is symbolized by v-shaped back. Some people are genetically programmed that way. They have wide shoulders and narrow hips.

Home Treatment for Kidney Stones: A Simple Dietary Change To Pass Them Naturally!

An effective home treatment for kidney stones can be done with a dietary home treatment to naturally pass the stones out in the urinary tract. For better prevention, a change in diet is necessary to avoid them from forming in the kidneys. They can pass by using a natural treatment that can speed up the process, however when the condition gets worse and the stones got bigger – some medical surgeries may be recommended.

How to Dissolve Kidney Stones? A Simple and Natural Way

Wondering how to dissolve kidney stones? It is all natural and simple. You can avoid the hassle of spending a thousand dollars out of your savings to undergo medical surgeries just to get rid of this painful condition. Modifying the diet can really speed up the process in dissolving the stones and getting them out of the kidneys. It is actually fairly simple to prevent stone formation in the kidneys as well as prevent the reoccurrence of them again in the future.

Reflexology: Why Feet First?

Touching is an intimate act. Whether it is a hearty handshake or a tender embrace, when we touch another person, something happens between us. A relationship begins. If we continue to reach out to each other, the relationship grows. We share and exchange, and we are enriched.

How Neti Pots Are Good For Your Health

When suffering from nasal congestion due to illness or allergy, it is easy and common to grab the closest decongestant and pop it down. Consider, however, the growing demand for both prescription and over-the-counter drugs and how it affects our basal health. Instead, look towards a simple relief method using a neti pot.

Liquid Zeolite and the Higher Power of Reiki

The body burden of toxic compounds unveils on its own as a result of illness signs or symptoms in each and every approach through allergic reactions to cancers or Alzheimer’s disease and autism. Reiki, whenever put to use as being a natural therapeutic approach, can easily increase relaxation, pain diminishment and cut down the signs of illness. Written about scenarios concerning severe disorders frequently uncover remarkable positive aspects to consumers who get the Universal Life Energy of Reiki. To put into action alternative, natural restorative healing and enhance the main advantages of Reiki, eliminate toxic compounds first by using nice and clean, liquid zeolite.

Cinnamon – Discover The Healing Qualities Of The Plant (Part 2)

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Cure My Sweaty Palms by Andy Goodman – Get Rid of Sweaty Palms Permanently

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Healing Mania With Quantum Brain Healing

Mania is a mood disorder extreme elevated mood, rapid speech, psychosis, poor judgment, restlessness, hallucinations, excess gambling, reckless sex, excess spending, excess computer gaming, extreme disregard for the feelings of others, increased selfishness, grandiose schemes, extreme insomnia, energy, and abnormal thought patterns. Crime may be an element for some patients with mania, as there is an element of belief that one can not get caught or can do no wrong. Mania is not a very common disorder. Depression is found much more often. You can see glimpses of mania in the extreme swings of bipolar disease.

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