Interview: Max Gotzler (GER) on Decoding the Flow Cycle: How to Unleash Your Inner Creative Power

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Flow is elusive and sometimes we can’t find it when we need it the most. In this talk, Max decodes the cycle of this higher state of consciousness to help you get into Flow whenever you want to.

Max Gotzler is a former professional athlete turned podcaster, entrepreneur and flow seeker. The “Bavarian Oak” is the Founder of the lifestyle education company Flowgrade, host of the Flowgrade Show, bestselling author of “Biohacking – Optimiere dich selbst” and organizer of the FlowFest event series. In his free time, Max enjoys playing the piano and an occasional NBA 2K video game session.

Spinal Stenosis – What Are Your Chances of Getting It?

Spinal stenosis happens when the spinal canal narrows. When this occurs, there is not enough room for the nerves.

What Can Honey Provide to Our Health?

Honey is a great source of carbohydrates that can give us energy and strength, and it is a stimulant, providing an immediate increase in performance and stamina and also eliminating muscle fatigue – especially to sporty people. Honey can maintain glucose levels than other forms of sugar because it’s an organic source of glucose and fructose that are instantly distributed around the blood vessels, and perform an important role in avoiding fatigue throughout a physical exercise. Obviously, it’s not doing exercise that the boost is useful, but also in your everyday living.

What Causes Kidney Stones? Are There Factors That Can Contribute To Their Development?

Kidney stones cannot really be attributed to one single cause. There is no real understanding why stones form in the kidney in the first place. However we know that they can be due to a lot of factors coupled with other health and environmental conditions that can contribute to stone development in the kidney.

Natural Remedies: Are They an Effective Kidney Stones Treatment?

A good kidney stones treatment can include natural remedies and many healthcare professionals are not aware of their power. Natural remedies offer instant and fast relief for these kidney conditions. Kidney sufferers usually feel an immense sharp pain in the back and lower side and most of them are looking for fast and instant relief as quickly as possible.

Passing Kidney Stones: Is This The Best Treatment for Kidney Stones?

Passing kidney stones at early stage of their development is just one of the possible treatments that are less painful. Some people can’t really avoid having kidney stones as their unhealthy lifestyle (that can be attributed to the nature of their jobs, environment, vices and the gene that they inherited from their parents) are most likely the reasons that kidney sufferers have this kind of condition. The earlier the kidney stones are detected the better and less complicated the treatment process will be.

Excessive Perspiration Treatment

The numbers of people that are looking for a good excessive perspiration treatment are many. However, in order to find the right solution, it makes sense to check out the natural options rather than those that make use of synthetic materials. Find out about the best natural excessive perspiration treatment revealed here…

Unique Qualities of Reiki

Reiki is a Japanese energy therapy that has often been likened to yoga, chi gong, massage or other alternative therapies. The misconceptions about Reiki are vast and varied, but Reiki has a set of unique qualities that liken it more to an automatic ‘energy pump’ than anything else.

Aromatherapy and Beauty

Essential Oils have been used in Beauty Products to not only enhance the fragrances, but also to provide skin care with their health giving properties. In some people’s faces, it may be easy to guess what they eat. Spots and pimples are sure to appear with a diet of fatty substances and chips with all the sauces to go with them.

Discovering The Right Excessive Armpit Sweating Treatment

Creating a program for your armpit sweating treatment should be created as it relates to the most natural treatments available and then changing your habits to those solutions that work best for you. Not every change in your diet or behavior will affect you as it affects other folks. Test different treatments and find what works most effectively for your body.

A Day in the Life of a Health Supplement Expert

Find out here what a health food expert takes every day and how they feel about the pharmaceutical industries. Their ideas and opinions might help you find a natural remedy to deal with your ailments.

3 Basic Tips To Lose Weight And Gain Muscle Unraveled

If by any chance, you are truly serious about trimming down to stay healthy and yet you are finding it most difficult to get hold of some tips and tricks about how to lose weight and gain muscle, then this article is absolutely meant for you. Here are just a few more tips you may follow in order to once and for all get that perfectly trimmed body you have always longed for:   Tip #1: Have some self-discipline. Make it a point that you practice some sense of discipline in your life – no matter what…

Bronchitis – Natural Herbal Treatment of Bronchitis Without Steroids or Other Drugs

Bronchitis can be a serious condition that can even threaten life. Treatment with drugs is often not effective and is sometimes life-threatening. Find out how it can be helped using only natural herbs obtained by anyone.

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