Interview: Madventures (FIN) on Only the Ones Ready to Adapt Will Survive (Biohacker Summit 2019)

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As Finland’s Award-Winning “Best Inspirational Speakers” and TV personalities, Riku Rantala and Tunna Milonoff encourage their audiences to win themselves, leave their comfort zones and get rid of the fear. Their speeches are filled with their own, amazing, touching & frightening experiences around the world, based on their work on Madventures television series that has been aired in 200+ countries. The independent producers have also aired radio programs, talk shows and written 10+ best-selling non-fiction books, from food & music encyclopedias to cultural guides, from self-help guides to surviving the turbulent times of digitalization.

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Natural Alternatives to Drugs and Medication

I read today of yet another drug that was approved by the FDA, has been widely prescribed by physicians, used by millions of people and NOW they are finding dangerous side effects. Darvocet and Darvon – both of these contain propoxyphene are being pulled off the market.

Which of the Chinese 5 Elements Is Most Important?

The Chinese 5 Elements are Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water. All 5 Elements are equally important. Balance in the Chinese 5 Elements is crucial to life and relationships balance

What Is the Difference Between Healthy Respiration and Healthy Breathing?

Most of us think that respiration and breathing can be used synonymously, but in fact, this is incorrect. Read on for the difference between the two and how you can keep your respiration healthy.

The Best Excessive Armpit Sweating Solutions

Sometimes the best armpit sweating solutions are also natural solutions. They’re certainly the easiest to implement, the least costly and least invasive. Try these solutions before you consider more costly and invasive procedures all of which can be done right at home.

Ways To Address Excessive Face Sweating

Excessive facial sweating is something that flies under the radar, but for many people it’s an insidious part of their life every single day. Here’s some wonderful information that address it head with some practical ways that you can address it and minimize it dramatically in a fairly short period of time.

Excessive Armpit Sweating Tips – 3 Tips for Sweat Elimination

Basic ideas can often create dramatic results. These basic tips to combat excessive armpit sweating can really help you defeat excessive sweating on a continual and regular basis.

Improve Total Health Through Naturopathy Treatment

For a person who is seeking to enhance their health, there are often several opportunities available so as to achieve this goal. While the science of the pharmaceutical industry is often perceived as a leader in improving personal health, it has also become well known as a science of side effects that can often be worse than the ailment it’s curing.

Fighting the Common Cold – My Personal Experience With Over-The-Counter Sambucol

Elderberry extract, specifically Sambucol, has been studied as a possible treatment for lessening the duration and severity of the flu. Results have been encouraging. When I came down with a cold, I decided to give it a try and was pleasantly surprised by the results.

Two Instant Energizing Tips for Work

Many of you will have seen that commercial which talks about the 2:30 feeling. When I first saw it, I immediately related to it because I had experienced exactly what they were talking about. When that lethargy and tiredness hits you at 2:30, 3:30 or even 4:30, you want nothing more than to take a nap and it demands a herculean effort to pretend that you are really interested in that meeting you are in, or the work you are doing.

Discover How Little Honey Bees Can Cure You

Do you have any idea the incredible power of the substances made by tiny little bees? And I am not just talking about honey! Let’s take a look at a couple of other things that the bee world offer us, including propolis, bee pollen, and royal jelly.

Proven Armpit Sweating Treatment Options

The treatment of armpit sweating can best be done when at first a person takes the time to understand the condition and the factors that create the sweating reaction from the body. The second phase is finding out which treatment options and lifestyle choices can make a personal difference for you.

Meetings For Alcohol Addicts

Fighting alcohol addiction is a lifetime struggle requiring all the help one can get. Statistics say that only 1 in 50,000 alcoholics succeed in overcoming an alcohol addiction all by oneself, without professional help. Since the matter affects an individual from a physical, psychical and social point of view, the help one alcoholic needs is complex and should address a number of factors. It takes a lot of effort, pain and determination to control an alcohol addiction and the support one gets from the others is vital.

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