Interview: Inka Immonen and Sara Adolfsen on Biohacking For Women (Biohacker Summit 2019)

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While we see many basic health behaviours to apply to both genders, there are still fundamental differences in how female and male body and mind works. The monthly fluctuating cycle of female hormones, societal expectancies, female-specific aspects in regards to mood and sleep, and specific nutritional needs for women play a big role in health optimization for women. This conversation helps you to gain a deeper understanding of your feminine biology and psychology and encourages conversation on biohacking for women, which is equally interesting to men who want to understand gender differences.

Inka Immonen (FIN) guides people’s mind to different places with yoga, meditation, nutrition and biohacking. Her passion and expertise lies in psychology, neuroscience, and the mind/body interaction. Since 2016, she has been working at the Biohacker Center creating scientific content about biohacking and how to optimise brain health, energy, psychological wellbeing and memory with the help of biohacking, neuroscience and positive psychology.

Sara Adolfsen (FIN) is a Holistic certified nurse and a Transformational health, wellness and spiritual coach who shares the message of healing and empowering oneself and finding true purpose in life. Her biggest passion is transformation and living in alignment with and following the heart, as is fulfilling our highest potential.

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