Interview: Fabian Foelsch (GER) on Brain Society: Microdosing from Nicotine to Melatonin

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Fabian Foelsch is the founder and CEO of Europe’s no. 1 performance food brand BRAINEFFECT which supports the mental performance of human beings through innovative ingredients and dosage forms. By 2022, he wants to help 10 million people in Europe to become brain athletes. The BRAINEFFECT products do not only improve concentration and focus, they also increase one’s well-being, energy levels and support healthy sleep and recovery. Fabian builds on his own experience as one of the top biohackers in Europe, former professional athlete and strategic business consultant. He pursues his passion for science as a university lecturer, while spending his free time on the water as a passionate kitesurfer.

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Alternative HRT, Menopause and Acupuncture/Aromatherapy

Are you considering alternative hormone replacement therapy? Acupuncture is one such remedy used for menopause. It involves the use of pressure applied to specific points on the hands and feet which can help stimulate the ovaries, uterus, and adrenal, pituitary, thyroid, and parathyroid glands.

A Brief History of Energy Healing

A concise history of energy healing in Western medicine from the remarkable new book, “The Energy Cure: Unraveling the Mystery of Hands-On Healing.” The book documents pioneering research that proves that hands-on healing can reliably cure cancer in laboratory mice.

Menopause and Bladder Control, Kegel Exercises Used in Alternative HRT

Are you entering the menopause stage of life and are seeking an alternative HRT, hormone replacement therapy? Do you have a loss of bladder control caused by weakened pelvic floor muscles?

Prescription Drugs – Take Or Not, That Is The Question

Prescription drugs and surgery seem to be the only treatment for symptoms. Doctors commonly only offer prescriptions or nothing; you have to search far and wide to find doctors who can help you without pharmaceutical drugs. The human body does not have drug deficiencies but certainly has nutrient deficiencies. Deaths from adverse drug reactions are common.

Preventing Hamstring Injuries With Chiropractic Intervention

Hamstring injuries are common for runners, gymnasts, football players, and other athletes whose sports programs are physically demanding on the lower extremities. This common exposure to injury means that most athletes incorporate preventative measures into their training program to minimize the risk of hamstring strains and injuries. Traditional, best practice methods for preventing a hamstring injury include proper strength training of the hamstring muscles (back of the thigh) to ensure that they are equally balanced with the quadriceps muscles (front of the thigh), and ample warm-up and stretching of the muscles before beginning exercise and training.

Stopping Panic Attacks – 4 Tips on How to Stop Panic Attack Now

A panic attack is one thing that nobody needs to experience, however many will in some unspecified time in the future of their life. If you’re experiencing multiple attacks, it is important you work to cease them today. Listed below are 5 tricks to stop panic attacks today. Sufferers of this condition experience a spread of issues from complete social withdrawal, to extreme issue dealing with on a regular basis normal situations.

Sharpen Your Memory With Herbal Medicines

You can train your brain to store more information and to retrieve them more quickly. With continuous practice you can improve your memory. You diet also plays a major role in improving the capacity of your brain …

Alternative HRT, Is Too Much Exercise and Menopause a Bad Combination?

Are you one of the many women wanting to use alternative hormone replacement therapy, but wonder if too much exercise and menopause is bad? Is it doing more harm than good?

Natural Sinusitis Remedies: Basic Applications

Sinusitis or the clogging of the nostril passages due to either toxic inhalation such as strong perfumes or dark vehicle belches or due to climate change can really be painful. In fact, it may even make you collapse and be rushed to the hospital once neglected.

Top Causes of Digestive Disorders and How Aloe Vera Can Remedy Them

Digestion is a very complex series of processes and for many people, problems can occur causing digestive disorders such as IBS, constipation, diarrhea, and heartburn. Aloe Vera has been used for thousands of years as an aid for digestive disorders. Taken orally in a supplement or in a concentrated juice, aloe vera can help balance your digestive system and boost your digestive health.

How Herbal Supplements Can Help Your Immune System

Interestingly, people are going back to the past to search for health care alternatives. No wonder the boost of herbal supplements in the market these days. They seem to be very popular, since they are extremely helpful and one doesn’t need a doctors prescription to get them over the counter as well.

Amazing Insight Into Crystal Healing – Alternative Natural Therapy

As an alternative healing method, or as some people call a holistic technique, or strengthening the body and mind, crystal healers have been around for thousands of years. Using various patterns utilizing natural crystals, a crystal healer’s work with the aura of a body helps it to heal it in some way, whether physical or emotional. Sometimes referred to as gemstone therapy, the use of crystal healers is as widely varied as the gems that are employed in this technique.

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