Interview: Emilia Vuorisalmi (FIN) on Optimizing Female Health, Hormones, Mood & Performance

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While we see many basic health behaviors to apply to both genders, there are still fundamental differences in how female and male body and mind works. The monthly fluctuating cycle of female hormones, societal expectancies, female-specific aspects in regards to mood and sleep, and specific nutritional needs for women play a big role in health optimization for women. This conversation helps you to gain a deeper understanding of your feminine biology and psychology and encourages conversation on biohacking for women, which is equally interesting to men who want to understand gender differences.

Emilia Vuorisalmi is a Medical Doctor on a mission to increase health and wellbeing with the power of love in it’s all forms. Her first book β€œHigh on Love” was a national bestseller and currently Vuorisalmi is helping people to create their individual recipe for sustainable love by holistically balancing the key love hormones. The sustainable love system will help you to find your true self and enjoy the benefits of a happy relationship where ever you are in life.

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Treating a Sore Throat Naturally

For many ailments, natural remedies offer effective, inexpensive, and completely safe alternative to traditional pharmaceuticals. It has become the standard operating procedure of most people in Western cultures to run to the doctor for drugs at the first sign of any illness. People are taking medication for things that simply do not necessitate the use of pharmaceuticals.

Resveratrol: Experience the Cure, Experience the Wellness

Centuries ago, man merely relied on nature to cure their diseases. There were no medicines that come in capsules and syrups which are readily available anytime you need them. All they used were plants, herbs, and fruits which they think are best suitable to treat their illnesses. However, never think that they just randomly picked these plants in the wild.

Going the Natural Route to Treat Your Acne

Acne is one of the most problematic and embarrassing ailments from which an individual can suffer. Having acne is unsightly and it can do serious damage to a person’s self confidence as well as cause permanent skin damage and leave scars and discoloration.

Chinese Herbal Formulas to Treat Brain Symptoms and Disease

Quantum Brain Healing often uses TCM herbal formulas and acupuncture for treating brain related symptoms and diseases. Several of the Chinese herbal formulas are shown below that may be used to treat and prevent brain diseases. The formulas are not intended to be purchased by a patient. These formulas are meant to expose people to the unique symptoms and diseases which can be treated or improved with TCM and Quantum Brain Healing. These herbal formulas may be combined with amino acid therapy, vitamins, and other alternative medicine supplements where needed. Major brain diseases can be prevented or healed when symptoms are treated early.

Treating Stress With Alternative Medicine With Quantum Brain Healing

Quantum Brain Healing relies on managing stress to prevent other health issues. Stress can go untreated and affect the brain in many serious ways. When stress is allowed go untreated, it progresses into depression, insomnia, anxiety, concentration issues, and memory problems. It kills brain cells and alters neural pathways in the brain. Stress has devastating impact on the brain. Uncontrollable stress is a major factor for brain disorders and alternative medicine can prevent and heal these diseases. Amino acids and bio-identical hormone therapy are wonderful tools to heal the brain.

Adverse Effects of Spirulina

In spite of pretty much all the high-quality factors of this specific health supplement, always be certain to read on the subject of Spirulina negative effects. A person really should be conscious of all of probable potential issues. Examine the next guide to be aware of it.

Non-Invasive Magnetic Therapy

Many orthopedic Journals have documented the effectiveness of magnet therapy in strengthening and healing of fractured bones. Ronald Lawrence, M.D., Ph.D, clinical professor at UCLA School Of Medicine and president of the American Association for the Study Of Pain, conducted a great deal of research on medical uses for magnets, and co-authored the book “Magnet Therapy, The Pain Cure Alternative”. In the book he states, “That the effective rate of pain relief is about 85 percent.” He also states, “Magnets are completely free of side effects.”

Understanding Lycopene and Its Function in the Human Body

Lycopene is a bright red carotene and carotenoid pigment and phytochemical that gives tomatoes and other red fruits their crimson-like color such as red carrots, watermelons and papayas. Despite their colors, strawberries and cherries don’t contain lycopene.

Swine Flu and Regular Flu – Similarities and Differences

Want to know if swine flu and regular flu are 2 different types of influenza? This article gives you relevant information on this topic and discusses how you can prevent and treat flu with prescription drugs such as Tamiflu.

How To Stop Sweating Underarms – Resolve Your Excessive Sweating Now

There’s no denying the importance of appearing neat and fresh in front of many people. This is because many people are aiming to have the best career, social and personal life. However, there are times we can encounter unexpected problems that will come out and we cannot control it. Excessive sweating is one of the unexpected condition that can happen to anyone regardless the age and gender. This condition you may feel a bit uncomfortable because of sweating uncontrollably dripping in your body.

How Alternative Are Herbal Pills?

This article discusses alternative medicine in general and herbalism in particular. Herbal remedies should be considered the least alternative of all alternative medicines and this article discusses why this is the case.

Urinary Tract Infection Home Cure – 3 Methods to Ease Your Pain

Urinary tract infection or commonly known on its acronym as UTI is steadily affecting many people worldwide, thus it is considered as one of the most common bacterial infections that affect any part of the urinary tract such as kidney and bladder. There are several factors that could trigger or cause such infection aside from bacteria; these include sexual activity, gender, genetics and other risk factors like diabetes, sickle-cell disease or anatomical abnormalities. There are several urinary tract infection home cures that are safe, economical and doable.

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