How To Use Molecular Hydrogen To Protect Your Cells From Environmental Toxins w/ Tyler W. LeBaron

In this episode, I sit down with Tyler W. LeBaron, Founder and Executive Director of the science-based nonprofit Molecular Hydrogen Institute. His background is in biochemistry and exercise physiology. He was a 1-year Adjunct Instructor of Physiology and interned at Nagoya University in the department of Neurogenetics to research the molecular mechanisms of hydrogen gas on cell signaling pathways. He is a director of the International Hydrogen Standards Association (IHSA) and the International Molecular Hydrogen Association (IMHA). He speaks at Medical conferences in the US for doctors CMEs/CEUs, and at academic biomedical hydrogen symposia and conferences around the world. He is also a member of the Academic Committee of Taishan Institute for Hydrogen Biomedical Research. He collaborates with researchers at home and abroad, and helps advance the education, research, and awareness of hydrogen as a therapeutic medical gas.

Tyler and I dive deep into the science behind how molecular hydrogen works in the body, and how you can use it to optimize your workouts and overall health.

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