How to survive in a supermarket with Olli Posti (Biohacker’s Live show)

New Biohacker’s Live Show! How to survive in a supermarket with author and award-winning health influencer Olli Posti. Discover here why food in supermarkets may not be good for you, what to look out for, what to upgrade and how to enjoy eating without the guilt. Olli Posti’s new book Supermarket Survival: For the Love of Food and Well-Being will launch at Biohacker Summit 1-2 November 2019. See details here:

It’s Never Been Easier to Reap the Benefits of Healthy Eating

Converting to a health food shop is probably one of the most important switches you could make. The world has changed, and people’s perception of healthy eating has followed suit. We have seen the affects or poor eating decisions by the increase of disease, health problems and the rise of obesity worldwide.

Curing Your Hemorrhoids – You Need To Follow Someone Who Has Been Where You Are

Itching, painful, uncomfortable, bleeding. These are all the symptoms that chronic hemorrhoid sufferers have to put up with – not to mention have the embarrassment of the problem in the first place. And it can be an extremely difficult problem to solve. Ask anyone who will admit to serious problems with hemorrhoids, and they’ll tell you that they’ve wrestled with the problem forever. But there’s a way to fix it.

Stop Hemorrhoids Now – You Just Need To Follow In The Footsteps Of Someone Who Has Been There Before

For chronic sufferers of hemorrhoids, you know it’s not easy to cure them. If you are one of the unfortunate people who has to put up with the burning, itching, and sometimes bleeding discomfort of hemorrhoids, you know what I’m talking about. Some lucky people can just a topical medicine and problems go away. Many others know that their hemorrhoids almost never go away, and often are very painful.

Himalayan Pink Salt – Health Benefits and How to Implement Them

Himalayan pink salt has been used in therapeutic treatments for centuries. It’s hidden health secrets can be experienced in a variety of ways that you can implement from the comfort of your own home.

Piles Treatment – Seek The Important Answers

By the end of this article you will have a strong understanding of how to treat piles safely and quickly. We look at creams, ointments, suppositories, tablets, surgery and more. If you want to put yourself in a responsible position for treating yourself this is the best place to start.

Traditional Chiropractic

Traditional chiropractic treats subluxations of the spine. All chiropractors are experts in diagnosis of spinal subluxations. The central idea is that this interruption to proper nerve function is the basis for disease in the human body.

Start Taking Responsibility For Your Own Body

Health is a state of vitality and happiness in life based on physical, emotional, chemical and spiritual balance. Health is not the absence of disease! Properly speaking, health care is what we should be doing to ourselves to stay healthy all our lives.

Doctors Are Contractors – You Should Be in Charge

We’ve come to view doctors as authority figures in our lives – they are not! We are!

Healing With Prana – The Essential Energy Healing Modality

When we picture in our mind a “faith” healer, we may wonder, when the sick are healed, if it is some type of placebo effect, or if there is some validity to it. Then what exactly is the substance being used to initiate this type of healing? If it is not a physical or chemical medicine, can it measured within the electromagnetic spectrum?

What Are the Ametrine Healing Properties?

Ametrine is a rare gemstone that has the healing properties of citrine and amethyst as it is formed by the combination of these two stones. The true purple and yellow gem stone come from the Anahi’ mine in Bolivia. It is the most powerful gemstone that works on emotional as well as mental being.

Papaya Fruit – The Wonders of Papaya

Papaya fruit is rich in nutritional benefits. It’s not just an ordinary fruit for it possesses many health benefits which may most of us are unaware. Papayas usually grow in tropical region. They need low temperature for growth and fruit production.

How to Improve Circulation – Better Blood Circulation

Blood circulation problems are primary cause of several health related issues. This adversely impacts proper functionality of body systems such as reproductive, respiratory, cardiovascular and nervous system. Here some tips for individuals who want to improve their body circulation rate.

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