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Are the Services of an Acupuncture Specialist Right For You?

Have you ever been tempted to have acupuncture therapy for some malady you were suffering only to be deterred by your fears of what you’d experience in the hands of an acupuncture specialist? After all, some doctors frown on these practitioners, and in Western culture we’ve learned to believe what doctors have to say.

How to Get Rid of Gallstones – The Old Fashioned Way!

Long ago, before expensive surgeries, there was a proven and effective way of how to get rid of gallstones. Unfortunately, we are now living in one of the first generations to try surgery before we try common sense. And we are paying for it!

Chronic Urinary Tract Infection Treatment Cures – UTI

Have you considered a chronic urinary tract infection treatment that uses natural remedies to help cure UTI? Thousands of people will use simple and effective alternative treatments to treat their infection and most of them will find success.

Alternative Treatments For Kidney Stones – Pass Kidney Stone in Days

The newest trend for this disease is people trying alternative treatments for kidney stones. Obviously, many people are still using good, old fashioned water to begin their treatment but there are numerous other natural remedies you can also be using.

Yogurt and You – Alternative Remedies

Yogurt is becoming more popular as part of a healthy diet, but it has other uses. See what it can do…

Remedies For Pregnancy Heartburn – 5 Acid Reflux Home Treatments

Are you experiencing acid reflux while you are expecting? If so, you should try some simple remedies for pregnancy heartburn.

Unusual Uses For Onions

This milder relative of garlic can do a number of things other than flavor your food. Insect repellent, bruises and splinters can be helped…along with many other things.

Indian Gooseberry Treats Liver Enlargement

The liver is known as the master organ of the body. No other organ of the body does such varied functions as the liver. The liver is a pretty robust organ and able to regenerate the lost part to a great extent. If the liver is damaged and unable to function properly it leads to other problems and most of the organs in the body are affected.

4 Reasons You Should Make a Chiropractor Your Primary Care Physician

I know that for many people, that headline is going to make them scratch their heads and say “Huh?” That is an expected reaction, because often when you mention “chiropractor”, the only things that come to mind for many people are back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, headaches OR Scary, I will NEVER get my neck cracked! With primary care physicians leaving the field of medicine and lifestyle diseases accounting for nearly 70% of medical costs, chiropractors are the ideal health professionals to ease the burden off the U.S. health care system.

Immune Boosters, Immune Weakeners

Some aspects of immune boosting are well known, but others aren’t. Some things can also weaken your immune system.

Zero Point Field Energy Wand Sparks Body’s Healing Power

Am I saying that people can be healed of all of their maladies by waving a ‘Magic Wand’ over their sore and diseased bodies? Absolutely Not! You’ll hear of no such hocus pocus from me. But our bodies do have natural or God-Given abilities to heal themselves of a wide array of diseases. Sometimes they simply need a little help in the right direction. Please read on and allow me to explain.

Find Out the Foods to Avoid For Kidney Stones!

Kidney stones cause problems to an increasing number of people. This rapid increase of kidney stones can be blamed on the poor diet and poor lifestyle habits that people have. The old saying, that you are what you eat, is true. There are a number of foods to avoid for kidney stones and the more changes you make to your lifestyle and habits, the quicker you can solve your problem.

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