How to prepare and do Coffee Enemas

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Not sure how to do Coffee Enemas? No worries! Anthony demonstrates how with this video, complete with his recipe.

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Is Your Child Suffering From Fears and Phobias!

Fears & Phobias are something that can be experienced by all at some point or another. However, frequent occurrences of the same could mean that the person is actually suffering from a fear and phobia disorder. It is a known fact that a feeling particularly uncomfortable and anxious never feels good!

Chiropractic FAQ With Dr Casey Hallin

Though some believe that chiropractic care is intended to relieve only neck and back pain, it has many other benefits. A wide variety of health problems stem from spinal imbalance and dysfunction of the spinal joint and nervous system. Everyday living, stress and old injuries can cause vertebrae to lose their proper position or motion.

The Benefits Of Almond Oil

Many of us know about the sweet and bitter almond oil, and the many benefits of almond oils in general, but of course our knowledge is very slim. It has many other benefits, although it is known to have special benefits for acne, face and skin.

5 Reasons For Poor Eating Habits In Children

Children can have stubborn table manners. It can be difficult to get them to have a morsel if the food preparation is not as per their liking.

How to Choose a Hypnotherapist!

Choosing a Hypnotherapist is a difficult task. This article runs you through a basic understanding of Hypnotherapy and how to get involved!

Shifting Towards Optimism – Positive Thinking

Keeping a positive attitude is not just good for the professional life, but to bring happiness in your life and fosters your health. Most scientists have studied positive behavior of people and believe that they can easily transform their tendencies towards pessimistic thinking with the help of certain techniques.

Viruses Hate Taheebo Tea

Viruses are extremely tiny, far too little to appear with the naked eye in fact. They cannot increase in numbers by themselves, so in order to do so they must occupy a host and take control of it to be able to produce more viruses. A virus is made up of hereditary components, like DNA or RNA, bounded by a defensive coat of necessary protein. They may have the ability to latch on to cells and infect them entirely.

Natural Mood Boosters to Help You Relax and Unwind

Do you suffer from tension or anxiety? These helpful natural tips range from free to affordable and can be used any time, any where. You can now clear your mind, ease stress and transform your mood without harmful prescription medications.

Manage Your Stress With the Use of Reflexology

Stress is so common in our society today, that associated behaviors, such as rage, are becoming just an acceptable part of everyday life. Stress has become a silent killer. Research has shown that high levels of stress not only increase negative hormone levels, the ones responsible for inhibiting sickness and disease, but it also suppresses the immune system.

Grounding and Energy Fields With Sound Therapy

When you work with energy or aura fields with reiki, a tuning fork or any type of healing practice, you are working with vibration. Vibration cannot be opened or closed, it is just there, always.

Healthy Stress Management Techniques

Healthy stress management should be a vital part of everyone’s life. It’s too easy now a days to turn to vices and bad behaviors when something stressful occurs. Stress happens to everyone and it has a huge impact on every aspect of our lives. Therefore learning and implementing healthy stress management techniques in our daily lives is necessary for maintaining physical and emotional health. Everyone handles stress differently however by using healthy stress management tips you can learn to keep stress levels under control and avoid physical and emotional symptoms that come with it.

Triphala – It Is Really Helpful?

Triphala is a composite of three of nature’s top performing fruits upstaging more than 700 herbs in Ayurveda medicine. They are Amla (Emblica officinalis), Vibhitaki (Terminalia belerica) and Haritaki (Terminalia chebula). It is said that it promotes the balance of three energies: vata, pitta, and kapha.

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