How to Get Stronger and Leaner FASTER with the Powerplate My7 Whole Body Vibration Machine

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How to Get Stronger and Leaner FASTER with the Powerplate My7 Whole Body Vibration Machine

Cellulite Wraps To Help Problem Skin

Cellulite wraps are a simple solution that utilize nature’s power of healing and invigorates the body. They create an outstanding solution that will not only prove effective, but could completely change the way you think about skin care forever.

Treatment of Knee Arthritis With Electrotherapy

Arthritis in the United States affects nearly 46 million Americans. The biggest challenge most individuals have is treating the pain and inflammation associated with the disease. Arthritis sufferers who experience significant pain find it hard to be productive and carry on normal lives.

Learning Reiki Online While Attuning to Sedona’s Spiritual Energies

Did you know that it is possible to become a Reiki Master while at home in your pajamas? Reiki does not require you to be in person to learn or to receive.

Are Floatation Tanks the Next Big Thing in Health and Wellness?

A new trend is emerging in the health and wellness scene for 2014. So what is floatation and why is there a surge of interest at the minute?

Identifying A Good Chiropractor

There are a lot of options when it comes to Chiropractic care which sometimes makes it difficult to choose the right Chiropractor, or even to choose whether to see one altogether. Here are some important things to consider when choosing a Chiropractor.

Homeopathy or Naturopathy – What Is The Difference?

Two alternative treatments with similar names – homeopathy and neturopathy. Both were created to cure; however, both tend to use a different approach in reaching their goal (the patients health), and although different in certain respects, in others they are similar.

3 Steps To Help Your Child Fight An Eating Disorder

Numerous kids, particularly adolescents, are conscious about the way they appear. This is usually the case in their growing up years as their body does undergo dramatic physical changes.

Physical, Energetic and Mental Bodies of the Daoist System

The Daoist idea of the three bodies, physical, energetic and mental, helps us understand how we function as whole human beings. In this article we will explore how the three are interrelated.

Restoring Energy – How to Overcome Fatigue

Overcoming chronic fatigue may be more simple than you think. However, changing your life style so that you can remain well and refreshed is the challenge. Take an inventory of the pressures you are experiencing and decide for yourself how you would prefer to feel every day.

Painful Kidney Stones

Anyone can be affected by kidney stones; nobody is resistant to the mind numbing pain associated with kidney stones. What causes kidney stones to be so painful? The movement of a razor sharp calcium stone slowly moving from the kidney through the urinary tract.

Is The Cost Of Being Sick Bankrupting You?

Money is only one part of health bankruptcy. The effects of a toxic daily environment bankrupts our immune system. We have short, medium and long-term deficits from using unnatural treatments. The financial and physical aspects are compounded either positively or negatively over time. How do we assess whether we are bankrupt due to our controllable environment?

Chiropractic Treatment As a Cheaper Alternative for Body Pain Treatment

Health costs – this is the most common problem of individuals around the globe. As medical treatments improve, the cost also changes.

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