How to Fix Your Thyroid, Burn More Fat, And Heal Autoimmunity with Risa Groux

Risa Groux, CN is a Functional Nutritionist and Certified Autoimmune Coach in private practice in Newport Beach, California. Risa works with issues like diabetes, autoimmune disease, cancer, digestion, thyroid, and hormone imbalances, to name a few and firmly believes that the body can heal itself with whole foods we obtain from the earth and sees living proof of that in her office each day. She looks at root causes using functional nutrition guidelines, blood and stool tests, and knows that weight loss is a side effect of wellness. Learn more about Risa’s programs and supplements at

How to Treat a Wound With Homeopathic Medicines

If you want to know how to treat a wound with homeopathy, then you really only need one homeopathic medicine. Although there can be complications of a wound, with other areas affected, this one medicine can do wonders to speed up healing of the wound and in preventing infection.

Big Pharmaceuticals – Stop Lying!

Have you ever wondered why, with so many medications available, more and more people are dieing from the very diseases these medicines are supposed to cure? I have!

Treating a Sprain With Homeopathy

Learning to treat a sprain and other minor injuries with homeopathy can save you a fortune in money, wasted time as well as pain. Some things you can’t treat yourself and these should be left to the professional homeopath. But many minor ailments can be treated without knowing a great deal.

Treating a Fracture With Homeopathy

Treating a fracture with homeopathy can mean a rapid, pain-free healing. However, to achieve this, there are some facts you need to know.

Non-Union of Old Fractures – How to Help Yourself

The non-union of an old fracture should send alarm bells off in your mind, because it signifies much more serious than the broken bone not healing. It means your immune system is failing. And that’s not a healthy position to be in.

How to Treat a Sprain With Homeopathy

If you want to learn how to treat a sprain, then homeopathy offers you the best results. Homeopathy works by matching your symptoms to those of the most appropriate medicine. It causes no adverse side effects or liver damage.

Bringing Nature Back Into Medicine

These days, when you get sick you go see your doctor. In turn, your doctor will probably prescribe medicine which you will need to purchase. You’ll then take the medicine and hope you get better.

Excessive Armpit Sweating – Cover Up the Sweat Or Wear Cooler Clothing to Avoid Sweat?

At times there is excessive sweating in the armpit area. Learn some strategies to reducing sweat in this area.

Natural Burn Treatments

Burns can be a minor inconvenience or a major injury, depending the degree of the burn and the amount of territory it covers. This article is about how to deal with the minor kind. A burn that is dark red, has blackened skin or cover more than ten percent of the body need the emergency room, as soon as possible.

Experiencing Candida Die-Off on the Face? A True Story and a Problem

This article shows an example of candida die off based on a true story of a friend of mine. She is trying to decide if she has a cold or is experiencing die-off. If it is a cold she is not amused. She eats right, exercises and takes enough supplements to sustain a small country, yet she is sniffle and feverish.

Treating Chronic Health Conditions With Reiki

Reiki energy healing can help people who live with chronic illnesses cope more effectively with physical pain, reduce anxiety and improved overall quality of life. It is increasingly being used in the clinical setting as a complementary therapy that helps to facilitate and support mind, body and spirit wellness.

Health Benefits of Nicotine

Contrary to popular belief, nicotine does not cause cancer and is evermore continuing to surprise scientists as new discoveries are made every day pertaining to its medicinal and protective effects on the brain. Nicotine, in and of itself, is good for you and has a wide spectrum of therapeutic uses. It imparts a promising outlook for the treatment of ADD, ADHD, Alzheimer’s, and Parkinson’s disease.

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