How to Deal with Chronic Pain (Management Tips) • Dr Daniel Lewis

Listen to Dr Daniel Lewis, Melbourne based rheumatologist & consulting physician explain how we can integrate natural approaches with mainstream medicine to help manage chronic pain and inflammation. This episode is great for anyone interested in how lifestyle factors such as diet and meditation affect health & wellbeing.

If you know someone who is interested in how natural approaches can help manage chronic pain and reduce inflammation or how lifestyle factors such as diet and meditation can impact our health, this interview is for them.

I enjoyed this interview because I have always had a keen interest in how our mind and our thoughts can impact and change our physiology. I have been more aware of this strong connection after starting my personal brain training experiments (see my Neurofeedback Training Experiment Updates YouTube playlist for more).

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Homeopathic Remedies Often Contain Hyoscyamus Niger – Great For ADHD Kids!

There have been laboratory studies and clinical trials to determine whether homeopathic remedies can produce improvements safely and noticeably in ADHD children. Those that contained ingredients such as hyoscyamus niger were found to be the most effective.

Discover How To Treat ADHD Without Resorting To Traditional Medications

When it comes to knowing how to treat ADHD it is imperative that parents research the alternative treatment methods, whether this be in the form of behavioral therapy, biofeedback therapy, homeopathic remedies, the ADHD diet, etc. prior to agreeing to let their child be medicated with strong, schedule II, psycho-stimulant drugs. It must be pointed out that the possible risk of side effects, or inefficacy, is not the only reasons why parents should consider other treatment options.

Living With ADHD – Chaos And Stress Do Not Have To Be Your Life Partners!

Once you know why your child is behaving the way that he or she is, you can then turn your attention to the possible treatment options available. Your child’s doctor will, in all likelihood, prescribe one of the standard ADHD medications, such as Ritalin. You might be familiar with the controversy surrounding these drugs. It is important to understand that, despite the controversial nature of these drugs, ADHD medications have proven effective for many children and adults living with ADHD.

How To Grow Taller Using Simple Stretching Techniques

There are many people who are very unhappy with their current height. Have you ever wished you were a few more inches taller? Have you ever wondered if it were possible to grow taller after puberty? Do you want to know if its possible to grow taller by doing certain exercises? If you have ever asked any of these question you must read this article and you will definitely find the answer.

Wonders of Coconut Oil

A lot of people are still wondering what coconut oil is. Coconut oil is the edible plant oil extracted from meat of a matured coconut fruit. It’s been the primary source of fat in the diets of millions of people throughout the tropical world. It’s also widely known as the “Great Oil” in the planet because of its widely known benefits and uses. Let’s check some of those benefits and know more about this great oil.

The History of Reiki and How to Become Attuned

This article discusses the history of Reiki beginning with Dr. Mikao Usui. It outlines the development of Reiki from Japan, to Hawaii, to the world at large over the last 100 years. The article concludes by discussing the nature of a Reiki attunement.

Be Aware: The 3 Main Symptoms For TMJ

Temporomandibular joint or TMJ syndrome or disorder is a medical problem in the joint. Patients experience pain in the neck, head, face and ears. Patients might encounter problems in biting, popping sounds in biting, difficulty to open the jaw, and jaw lock. This article talks about 3 main symptoms for TMJ that you have to be aware of.

Your Five Minute TMJ Cure

There is no single TMJ cure, and doctors commonly prescribe painkillers to help relieve the discomfort. However, there are exercises which have been found to be helpful for strengthening the jaw muscles which can help to improve the symptoms of TMJ. This article tells you how.

The Sounds of Silence

Look for noiseless retreats on the internet and you will find 100s and 100s -, Vedanta, Quaker, Lutheran, Catholic, Buddhist. It appears that each and every spiritual convention encourages all of us to be motionless for a period, in order to quieten the countless chatter associated with the surface area of your mind and listen to your entire body to the silence…

Demystifying Cholesterol

There is perhaps no substance in the human body which has caused our society more recent concern than cholesterol. We are bombarded almost daily with advertising that urges us to “talk to your doctor” about how to lower the “bad” cholesterol that allegedly clogs our cardiovascular systems. While conferring with your health care practitioner is certainly advisable when dealing with this issue, it is imperative that we do so armed with accurate information. Some of this information is not well-known and, therefore, quite surprising.

How Does an Osteopath Work?

Many people go to an osteopath for a variety of conditions, but what do they actually do? Discover the four philosophies that under pin osteopathy and what an osteopath is doing when they see a patient.

Internal and External Use of Oils in Ayurveda

Ayurvedic oils are employed to address any specific health problem caused by an imbalance in doshas, or, interior tissues and humors. Oil treatments usually are most useful when you are healing several different health conditions, in particular ailments within the nervous system, skeletal system, and cells located deep within the body.

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