How To Build Resilience And Tap Into The Sacred Healing Energies Of The Earth w/ Hilda Labrada Gore

Hilda Labrada Gore is the host and producer of the popular WiseTraditions and Tradiciones Sabias podcasts.

A certified health coach and an ancestral health advocate, she has traveled the world exploring traditional practices for optimal well-being.

Hilda shares the best of experts, experiences, and epic adventures on the podcasts, her Holistic Hilda YouTube channel, and on ancestral health tours and retreats that she leads. Learn more at and follow her on Instagram @HolisticHilda

Natural Health Treatments For All the Family

Natural health treatments comes in many forms. And each is capable of deep and powerful action. However, there is one modality that stands head and shoulders above the rest for its versatility, power of action and flexibility of use.

Natural Health Secrets Abound When it Comes to This Modality

Natural health secrets are not so much secrets as an attempt by those who are threatened by them, to obscure the true facts. This is a normal and natural reaction in our society, by those who are fearful of change. It happened when people were told the earth was not flat. It’s still happening. Don’t let that deter you.

Naturally Pass Gallstones – Eliminating Gallstones the Natural Way

How do you naturally pass gallstones? Learn why eliminating gallstones can be as simple as 4 tips.

Ancient Chinese Health Secret – Tai Chi

Most people associate Chinese health practices with highly energetic, even aggressive forms of martial arts that involve kicking in the air, delivering punches at the speed of lightning, breaking down solid brick walls with a straight hit with the side of the palm or similar fantasy stuff. This is usually promoted by Hollywood interpretations of Chinese fitness forms.

Natural Hyperhidrosis Remedy – Naturally Stop Sweating Fast & Get Immediate Relief

Hyperhidrosis is a disease that is characterized as excessive sweating. There are various different forms of hyperhidrosis which cause excessive sweating in the hands, face, feet, and underarm. This condition can make living a social life a challenge.

Natural Health Choices – Discover the Secrets to Homeopathy

There are many natural health choices. And there is no ‘best’. It’s more about what attracts you at the moment. However, there is one choice which is very hard to beat, not only in terms of how effective it is, but also in its flexibility.

Raw Diet & Natural Healing Make a Winning Combination, Difficult to Beat

The combination of a raw diet & natural healing can be a formidable twosome to bring your health back, even from the brink, even from severe and chronic disease. More and more people are realising the winning effects of each. But the combination can prove unbeatable.

Aromatherapy Lotion

The age old practice of using essential oils for therapy is referred to as Aromatherapy. The term originates from the Greek root-word ‘aroma’ which means pleasant scent. These essential oils are extracted from trees, barks, plants and flowers and are in turn converted onto oils that can be used to treat a variety of ailments.

Toenail Fungus – Its Symptoms and Causes

Toenail fungus is the discoloration of the nails caused by a fungal infection. Fungus on toenails live on the keratins under the nails resulting in discoloration and flakes on the toenails. There are so many factors that could bring about toenail fungus. Most people who are already infected tend to self medicate themselves, and are not aware that they should use preventive measures to be able avoid further infection.

Remedies For Kidney Stone – 5 Secrets Your Doctor Forgot to Tell You

5 Remedies for Kidney Stones! Learn about these 5 secrets which could help you flush the pain and the kidney stones.

Alternative, Traditional Or Complementary?

There is a new trend in the health care field, called complementary care. Is it right for you?

Natural Healing For Animals is Highly Rewarding For All Concerned

Natural healing for animals is so rewarding all round. For the animal as they like it, for the practitioner as the animal will tell them if the choice was correct, and for the animal’s person, because results are likely to be lasting.

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