Hanna Markuksela: Nervous System Regulation Among The Most Resilient People

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“Even the positive stress can burn you out if you don’t rest”

Hanna Markuksela (@biohackingpsychologist, @hannamarkuksela) is a psychologist, body-oriented trauma psychotherapist, nutrition coach, and author. She uses a multifaceted approach in her working philosophy, complementing a vast array of scientifically verified techniques with heartfelt, honest, and unbiased client service.

Her tools of the trade-in deciphering the body-mind-connection consist of skilled implementation of the latest psychological studies, smart technology, and well-established traditions in her areas of expertise. Throughout her career Hanna has provided consultation and mentoring for a large and diverse group of clients, providing them comprehensive means to control and balance their nervous system. The feedback on her body of work has been overwhelmingly positive, emphasizing the holistic nature of her approach to better and more organized well-being. According to Hanna, we are animals with a disproportionately large cerebral cortex. The frontal cortex in the brain is what you need for making good decisions. Too much stress can turn it off., which is why knowing your limits is important: You can fly really high but not too high.

Try the Butterfly Technique: Put your thumbs together, place them on your chest, and on your own pace tap your chest. It’s really good if there’s no one to hug.

It is important that you find the balance in your own way. You have to find your way to let go of difficulties when you can’t control them. Learn more from Hanna’s talk!

Whole Body Cleanse Shifts Health and Wellness Paradigm

Today we live in such times where we work like machines and when something goes wrong with us, the health care system treats us like we are a machine. We get a quick fix of the symptoms and go back to work. The underlying cause of the breakdown is never treated. A complete whole “body” wellness is almost never achieved. Whole “body” here means physical body, mind, and spirit. We are not just matter. When something serious goes wrong typically it runs deep from our physical to mental to spiritual layers of our being.

Ingredients For A Spiritual Awakening In The Bath

Read this article if you are looking for a new way of thinking about your life, with the help of a bubble bath? Spiritual awakening can be an incredible experience and one which you can use there ingredients to explore.

Can An Organic Raw Foods Diet Help Prevent Cancer and Heart Diseases?

There are a number of instances where an organic raw food diet has not only prevented, but has also cured, many of the common diseases that plague “modern” society. To prove this, two testimonies of people who have found great health through an organic raw food diet are given below. Before we go any further, be warned. To get the most out of this diet, it must be accompanied with a whole new lifestyle. Those who do the same false assumption expecting correct solutions are only fooling themselves.

Guidelines on How to Detoxify Your Body Naturally and Prevent Chronic Diseases

Our body accumulates toxins as we indulge in over eating or wrong eating. What we eat, drink, and breath can have an impact on the amount of toxins we accumulate over time. So it is an excellent idea to detoxify body every now and then. To naturally detoxify the body, you really must pay close attention to what you are eating, drinking and taking into your system. During the detoxification period there are some simple but straightforward guidelines that you must follow.

ClariMind – The Ayurvedic Cure for Cognitive Problems and Its Benefits

When it comes to cognitive, and especially memory, problems western medicine has yet to come with a cure that is effective. Ayurveda, on the other hand has known all along what combination herbal remedies can improve memory and for that it had created for us ClariMind. Calrimind is…

Games That Improve Memory

These days, there are many types of games that are out in the market like Online Games, First person shooting games, Adventure games, War games and many more. The kids of this generation are having a lot of fun playing these kinds of games and they don’t pay attention to games that improve memory. Some kids say that “it is so boring! I would rather play first person shooting games” and they do not even realize the fact that it is healthy for their brain.

The History of Herbal Remedies

Herbal remedies method of treating discomfort has been around for centuries long before penicillin was even discovered. It is considered to be one of the safest ways to treat certain discomforts, leaving minor to no side effects at all. There are a lot of things that you can remedy with specific herbs.

Improve Health and Fitness of the Brain, Improve Memory

There is a very good reason why we should maintain the health and fitness of our brain. Improve memory by necessarily keeping our brain physically healthy for its optimal functioning — Sounds reasonable enough. A healthy mind doesn’t only improve memory, concentration, or one’s cognitive ability in general; it also prevents the onset of mind diseases such as Alzheimer’s and even stroke.

What Is Shingles And Are There Home Remedies?

There is typically little that can be done for shingles other than to let the virus run its course, but there are some home remedies for Shingles, but you should iorst consult with your current doctor before you try them. Normally the virus will take several weeks to run the course, so make sure you eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables to help improve your immune system and also make sure you get plenty of rest and take a daily vitamin supplement to insure that in fact you are getting enough daily vitamin intake.

Learn How To Improve Your Overall Health and Well-Being With a Daily Stretching Program

Stretching is one of the most crucial activities that you can do before working out or beginning any sort of athletic task. This is a fact for organized sporting activities like soccer and tennis, but it is equally important for casual physical activities, including hiking, jogging or just visiting the health club. Most people put off stretching because they do not wish to dedicate the extra time, find it to be boring, or believe that it will not really help. Absolutely, nothing could possibly be more from the truth. A stretching program can help you in many ways, from injury avoidance to recovery to performance.

Chronic Pain’s Relationship to Microscopic Scarring of Elastic, Collagen-Based, Connective Tissues

Are you aware that approximately one in five Americans suffers with Chronic Pain? Chronic Pain is miserable, and can quickly make every day your personal “Mount Everest”. It affects every area of your life, and can be seen on your face and in your eyes. The latest medical research likens brain scans of people suffering with Chronic Pain, to those of people with dementia or Alzheimer’s.

How Iron Helps Reduce Herpes and Cold Sore Outbreaks

One in three Americans carry the herpes simplex virus (HSV-1 and HSV-2), but while some people get severe recurring outbreaks of herpes blisters or cold sores, others have mild symptoms or no symptoms at all. This article sheds some light on why this is and aims to provide information so that herpes and cold sore sufferers can get appropriate treatment.

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