Hacking BRAIN With Light and LASERS – Photobiomodulation (Robert Sullivan)

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Laser, we all know what it stands for and we understand what it can do. Laser is; Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. What if its more than that? Life Advanced by Structured Enhanced Rejuvenation. This session examines, through audience participation, the possibilities of low level laser therapy when applied directly to the brain.

Robert Sullivan is a progressive Podiatry Clinician who holds a BSc(Hons) Podiatry, MSc Podiatric Surgery (Edinburgh) and of extended scope qualification including, acupuncture, mesotherapy, neuroscience and laser applications. Over the last 18 years he has lectured at Continued Professional Development events in Ireland, the United Kingdom, Europe and the United States. He has also been guest lecturer at various universities in Ireland, the UK and Europe. Robert has published papers in a number of medical journals both nationally and internationally and his recent paper on Low Level Laser Therapy in the treatment of Onychomycosis (2014) has been published in numerous languages. Robert also carries out surgical and none surgical demonstrations at clinical events and specialist educational seminars. His special Interests are, low level laser therapy, achieving your full potential, rheumatology and biomechanics. Mr Sullivan has worked for many years in the fields of cold laser medicine; his experience includes advanced education and support in body sculpting, fat loss, pain management, and brain stimulation via LLLT. Mr Sullivan’s clinical practice has changed dramatically over the last 3-5 years. Mr Sullivan enjoys and believes in sharing the knowledge for a better future. His current research includes, Lasers in viral management (HPV), LLLT for nerve regeneration in health crisis management, Brain laser techniques for a better you.

This presentation was filmed during Biohacker Summit Stockholm in May 2018. Check https://biohackersummit.com​​​​​​​ for upcoming events & tickets!

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