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Pure and Natural Pain Relief That Works Using the Amega Amwand

When it comes to effective natural pain relief there aren’t a whole lot of alternatives to drugs. Read this article to find out about the amazing new product that is going to change the way people get their pain relief.

Natural GERD Treatment – Add Honey and Apples to Your Grocery List

Did you know honey and red apples make a very effective natural GERD treatment? Learn more about this miracle reflux cure.

From Home to Doctor’s Office – Diarrhea Treatment

Treatment of diarrhea rests on getting enough rest. The body is going to be severely drained during a bout. Electrolyte imbalances lead to muscle weakness. Dehydration can lead to dizziness or weakness. Take care of yourself first so that you can get better. Unless you are told to by a doctor, avoid taking diarrhea medications. This can prevent the body from expelling what is causing the problem.

The Amazing Uses of Honey and Lemons

The Romans may have known a few things about the uses of honey and lemons but they didn’t know how or why they worked! We do though, however if you are still unsure please allow me to explain.

Acupuncture – An Alternative Medicine

Acupuncture is often associated with pain control; in the hands of a well-trained practitioner, it has much broader applications. Acupuncture is a part of the health care system of China that can be traced back at least 2,500 years.

Natural Remedies For Earaches

Earaches can be mild or severe. Much of my childhood I was plagued by earaches. My mother had a few natural remedies that she used on me and they worked.

Herbs of the Marsh – Useful, Edible and Deadly

There are many wetlands in West Virginia, and the flora in it can be fascinating. Most people are aware that cranberries are grown is such areas, and there is a park called Cranberry Glades. A trip along the boardwalk over the marshy area can be interesting, especially if you’re interested in plants.

How to Get Taller – Tips to Increase Your Height

Thinking about getting taller? Most people are not happy with their height. Especially in a bad economy, where just a few inches can mean the difference between getting a promotion or getting laid off. But how do you get taller? And is it even possible if you’re not a teenager?

Matsutake Mushroom – A New Approach For Treating Carcinoma

Matsutake mushrooms are attracting the attention of many scientists across the world. Various studies have established the fact that Matsutake mushrooms are very effective in treating various forms of cancer.

Arvigo – Maternal Treatment Inspired by Ancient Mayan Legend

A sacred practice perfected over thousands of years, this powerful herbal steam bath takes you on a journey that mediates through the body, gentle moves the mind and frees the spirit. Steal away to a colorful world of energy and invigoration.

How to Stop Sweaty Feet – Simple Steps to Help Solve the Moisture and Odor Problems of Foot Sweat

Sweating feet can be a very uncomfortable problem to have. Learn some tips on how to reduce this type of sweat.

The Concept of Food As Medicine

For those of us that follow news from the world of medical research, the past few years have been filled with intriguing announcements. All kinds of breakthrough healing medicines have been discovered. Many of them are not pills. Instead, they are oatmeal for heart disease, salmon for asthma, peanuts for high cholesterol and yogurt for eczema.

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