Fly High – But Not Too High (Hanna Markuksela, FIN)

Hanna Markuksela is a psychologist, body-oriented trauma psychotherapist, nutrition coach, and author. She uses a multifaceted approach in her working philosophy, complementing a vast array of scientifically verified techniques with heartfelt, honest, and unbiased client service.

Her tools of the trade-in deciphering the body-mind-connection consist of skilled implementation of the latest psychological studies, smart technology, and well-established traditions in her areas of expertise. Throughout her career Hanna has provided consultation and mentoring for a large and diverse group of clients, providing them comprehensive means to control and balance their nervous system. The feedback on her body of work has been overwhelmingly positive, emphasizing the holistic nature of her approach to better and more organized well-being. According to Hanna, we are animals with a disproportionately large cerebral cortex. The frontal cortex in the brain is what you need for making good decisions. Too much stress can turn it off., which is why knowing your limits is important: You can fly really high but not too high.

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