Fixing Back Pain, Building Confidence, And The Science Of World Class Leadership with Luka Hocevar – Luka was born and raised in Ljubljana, Slovenia and gives credit to basketball, fitness and coaches in taking him from going down the wrong path in crime, to becoming a professional basketball player in the elite European Leagues as well as the NBA Summer Pro League. After his professional career Luka went into his passion of training to affect other like the coaches that changed his life. He has been a coach for 14 years building skillsets in every area associated with physical and mental performance, as well as body transformation. Luka is the founder and co-owner of the Vigor Ground gym in Ljubljana, Slovenia and owner of the Vigor Ground Fitness and Performance in Seattle, WA, both gyms recognized as leaders in coaching in each respective country, where they have cumulatively coached and transformed over 8,000 clients in total since 2006. Luka is also the creator of Vigor Ground Fitness and Business Summit, one of the industries most respected educational events for coaches and gym owners. Luka has personally coached over 3,000 clients from the highest level professional athletes in the NBA, NFL, UFC, MLB college and high school, rehab patients with many different types of injuries/conditions, and clients from every walk of life looking to achieve looking, feeling, and performing better. Vigor Ground Fitness and Performance has become one of the, if not the leader in continuing education gyms in the country hosting over 80+ seminars, certifications and conferences (in house) from the best coaches and presenters in the industry, as well as another 60+ of the top speakers at our 4 big Vigor Ground Fitness and Business events that are put on every year in Seattle. Luka and Vigor Ground Fitness and Performance have been featured in Mens Health, Stack Magazine, Onnit Magazine, Entrepreneur Magazine, HBO Real Sports, Precision Nutrition, as well as CBS, FOX, USA Today, ABC and KING5 New Day NW as Seattle’s top fitness expert.

Excessive Sweating Treatment – 5 Things You Must Address to Cure Your Sweating Problem For Good

Sweating is a natural bodily function but excessive sweating is a sign that something is wrong. When we sweat too much there is a reason but the reason could be one of many and could be a mixture.

One of the Best Back Pain Solutions is Homeopathic

Permanent back pain solutions can only come about from understanding why you have the pain in the first place. And by treating it with a medicine which will support your body’s best efforts – ie going in the same direction.

Hypnotherapy – What is it and How Can it Help You?

Hypnotherapy has been practiced since ancient times, however, only in modern times has it become accepted as a tool for optimal health and wellness. But what is it and how can it help you?

How Do You Grow Taller Naturally With Minimal Effort!

So let’s try and answer a simple question – how do you grow taller, and keep the height. You’d be surprised to find out that it’s actually a lot simpler than you might think. All that it involves is a special combination of diet and exercise – if you get that combination correctly you’ll be able to easily increase your height by as much as four inches during the short period of about a month.

Curcumin – The Medicine They Do Not Want You to Use!

There are many natural remedies that work better than any pharmaceutical medicines. But, “they” – the big medical companies and most doctors – do not want you to know about them, because many natural cures are extremely effective and will reduce the massive profits made by chemical companies and the medical profession will have less customers.

Adrenal Fatigue – Have You Been Courting the Guilty Party

Today it is important to know if the fatigue you feel is adrenal fatigue and have you been courting the guilty party? It seems that most of us are suffering from a fatigue. I call it a fatigue to life. We run around 90% of the time like we have urgent places to go and needs to be met. We give ourselves little “me” time and that is what we need to re find. There is only one guilty party in the role we play called life and its name is “Stress.”

Reflux Treatment Without Having to Use Drugs

A reflux treatment is necessary if you have a problem with heartburn. Read on to find out more information.

Ordering Ayurvedic Herbal Medicines Online As Self-Medication – Dos and Don’ts

Alternative medical therapy in modern times has been gradually gaining acceptance worldwide. It is estimated that nearly 60 percent of the population resort to some form of alternative therapy in order to treat their health problems. Ayurvedic medicines have a special role in the treatment of chronic disorders, and are being increasing used both by the lay public as well as by medical practitioners. However, there are some strongly prevalent myths regarding the use of Ayurvedic medicines. This article seeks to explain and clarify the misconceptions regarding Ayurvedic medicines, and also lays down some guidelines for the correct use of these medicines.

Can I Increase My Height? Yes You Can, All You Need to Do is Follow the Proven Tips Below

Tall people are more physically attractive, possess positive characters, are endowed with good health, receive higher wages and are less likely to be unemployed. Consequently, the most common question asked by those less-endowed in height is, Can I increase my height?

Methods to Increase Height – Everything You Need to Know to Grow Taller Naturally

Tallness is often associated with attractiveness and subconsciously, it creates a psychological advantage for it connotes dominance. Height is also an important matter for success. Almost all women describe their dreamboat as tall, dark and handsome. So everybody wants to be tall by adding more inches to and to master the methods to increase height.

How to Stop Face Sweating – 5 Tips to Banish Head and Facial Sweating For Good

There is nothing worse than having your sweat show in your face. The face is the one thing most people look at when they look at you.

Vitamins That Help You Grow Taller – Absolute Must Know to Increase Your Height

Eating the right kinds of food is imperative in the proper development and growth of the body. Not only does it determine your weight, it also influences your height. If you want to get a little bit taller than you are, you must take a closer look at what you’re eating. There are vitamins that help you grow taller and these are essential because they supply your system with needed nutrients.

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