Exercise-Free Total Body Transformation Program

Exercise-Free Total Body Transformation Program apply at BiohackerCoaching.com or text Anthony at 847-989-3743

5 Effective Home Remedies For Diarrhea That Should Be Your Priority Treatment

Find out what can help cure diarrhea. Know how to treat diarrhea in a natural way.

Natural Cures For Bad Breath

First and foremost, brushing your teeth and flossing between your teeth on a daily basis is an imperative part of curing the many causes of bad breath now and in the future. It is important to make sure that you thoroughly clean your mouth and remove any excess food particles and anything else out of the mouth. Brush your teeth after every meal if you can. If not, brush at least twice a day

Do You Know the Principles on Which to Judge Your Traditional Healer?

There are four pillars of Traditional Healing which are: “learning, insight, goodwill and empathy”. These are the basic principles that should guide the Traditional Healer in all his or her actions. These pillars are the corner stone of traditional healing which is often referred to as wizard medicine.

The Pros and Cons of the Different Treatments to Cure Sweaty Hands

If you are searching for a way to cure sweaty hands you are probably all to familiar with the horrible effects that hands that produce an excess of sweat can have on your life. Hands that are constantly dripping of sweat can really have a devastating effect on your life.

What is Chiropractic Care and Where Did it Come From?

Chiropractic is a well researched safe and effective health care option. Additionally, our government has included chiropractic in its healthcare reform package a far cry from the early days when chiropractors were actually jailed for their practices. It was a great situation for the inmates perhaps but not so much for their appreciative patients on the outside. Regardless of the history, chiropractic has gained in popularity and its effectiveness proven both clinically and scientifically.

Sarcoidosis Treatment in Females

Sarcoidosis treatment needs to address the hormonal balance of the body. The hormones produced during a woman’s cycle can flare up pre-existing inflammation and pain in the body, particularly during the period. Pain can range from mild to debilitating and can be accompanied by nausea, loose stools, headaches and back pain.

How Do Traditional Healers and Healing Work? Can They Solve Your Problems?

How do traditional healers work? Do they have a capacity to foresee and solve your problems? Do they understand the herbs they prescribe?

Traditional Healing and Traditional Healers – Do They Real Work?

Have they got the powers and the knowledge they are reputed to have? These are the questions that often linger in people’s minds.

Reiki Healing Therapy and Its Results

Reiki healing therapy, pronounced ‘raykee’, is the ancient art of healing energy imbalances in the body which may manifest themselves emotionally or physically and is popular as a form of complimentary alternative therapy. Reiki practitioners themselves must be well trained and have to undergo a process of attunement to be able to practice their art and provide healing therapy for others.

How to Raise Your Energy (Vibrationally)

Below are the three direct steps to raising your vibrational frequency. These three steps below are essential to your everyday life and well being. I offer these steps in a very direct manner to better provide you with the tools necessary for you to take part in today.

Things to Remember to Prevent Or Treat Adrenal Fatigue

This is one of those diseases that have probably been around for some time but never had a name put to it. The term itself was introduced in 1998 by Dr. James L. Wilson, and it is estimated that at least 70% of the world’s population has it from one degree to another. Adrenal fatigue is really another way to say that the adrenal gland is tired and functioning below par. It is a disease that is closely associated with chronic stress.

Alkaline Water Benefits

Most grocery stores stack dozens of brands of bottled water and soft drinks; unfortunately, all these products are acidic and shift the pH balance of our body making it acidic which is often the root cause of several nagging health conditions. Alkaline water does the exact opposite by shifting the pH balance back to the desired level.

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