Ester Reitsma: Benefits of Eating ORGAN Meat

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”Organs are one of the most effective superfoods”

Ester Reitsma (@nordickings) is a former commercial airline pilot forced to become biohacker. Now she is part of the Nordic Kings team promoting the many benefits of eating organ meats. Learn more about the health benefits of eating organ meats from her talk!

The Five Most Powerful Medicinal Spices

I was delighted when I discovered how powerfully healthy many spices used in cooking are. I knew for example that in Indian culture spices are routinely added to cooking not just to give flavor, fragrance and color but also for health and medicinal properties. Using spices in cooking is a fun and powerful way to look after your health – it’s just perfect for a foodie like me!

How to Be More Secure With Alternative Medicine

I can already hear a lot of people raising their eyebrows. After all, there are still hundreds of people who are really not open to alternative medicine. One should always remember that it’s a matter of choice.

The Steps to Having a Healthier Life

Check all your daily activities. Do they require movement? Are you doing a sedentary job? Do you personally look after your garden? Do you have a dog that you walk every day?

Want to Study Qigong? Know These Essentials

Thousands of people are studying Qigong but how many know the quality of their instruction? Here are three simple principles everyone should understand when studying Qigong.

How to Know When to Use Certain Herbs and Spices

The herbs and spices in your spice rack have double duty. They season our food, but they can also help us get or stay well.

Home Remedies For Yeast Infections – Quite Frankly The Best Option

It is quite a shock for someone to know that there is an infection caused by yeast. Most of the people know yeast as a good microorganism because of its large scale usage in the baking and wine making industry Without yeast, a lot of stuff cannot exist within the entire world, which includes bakery as well as wine. Yeast is inevitably important to our everyday life.

What Is a Neti Pot, How Does It Work, and Why Would You Want To Use One?

You may have seen a video of someone using a neti pot before. A few years ago there was a popular video on the internet of a woman using one, and because it was something that most people had never heard of before, much less actually seen, the video made its rounds across the internet. A neti pot is a device used for nasal irrigation.

Neti Pot Solution

To begin, take some purified water and add salt. Bottled water usually works, or if you don’t want to use bottled water you can boil some water in order to purify it (but be sure to let the water cool before you attempt irrigation with it!). Sea salt is generally thought to be the best, but regardless of what kind you use, the salt needs to be non-iodized salt. A lot of common kitchen table salt is iodized (iodine helps thyroid function, so iodized salt is good, just not in your neti pot solution) so if you’re going to use table salt, make sure it is not iodized.

Lower Chemotherapy Side Effects With Diet During and After Chemotherapy

Why cancer cells are formed and how to safely get rid of them is still being researched? However, in the meanwhile we continue to treat this unknown as best as we can. One of the most utilized treatment methods is chemotherapy. However, the chemotherapy treatment destroys good cells along with the bad cancer cells. Plus this treatment takes a toll on the patient by creating many unwanted side effects.

You Have Options for ADHD Treatment

Are you checking out all your ADHD options to help treat your child? You want to know where to start looking? You are not alone. Don’t fret because there are several options available to you. Take ii one step at a time and remain calm. You will find the answers you need.

Who Else Wants To Know, What Are Health Benefits Of Aloe Vera?

The most well-known member of the plant family must be Aloe Vera. It has been incorporated in so many products from shampoos to skin care. Its advantages have been in use by traditional medicine for hundreds of years, not to mention those who have used it to practice home remedies. So, what are the primary benefits of Aloe Vera?

Deciding If the Side Effects Outweigh the Benefits

Choosing appropriate herbal remedies is almost as hard as choosing the right medication. Everything has side effects and most have drug interactions, so it really does come down to deciding if the risks are worse than the benefits.

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