EP 207: Sprouts As Medicine & Nutritional Alchemy with Doug Evans

Doug Evans has been a pioneer in the plant-based health movement for over twenty years, he was the co-founder of Organic Avenue and founder of Juicero.

He has been channeling the power of sprouts and his transformative plans into The Sprout Book and advising tens of thousands of people on the ancient wisdom of sprouts as a food source. Currently living in the California desert, he is sprouting daily, growing a majority of his food in his own countertop garden. He is creating a radical shift in wellness through his discussion of growing sprouts and their healing benefits.

This nutritious revolution is accessible, affordable, and can be done in anywhere from luxury kitchens to camper vans. Evans encourages others to achieve their greatest health potential by taking control of how and what they are consuming. Learn more and get Doug’s book at TheSproutBook.com.

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Causes of the Common Cold and Effective Natural Remedies

The common cold is the condition of inflammation of the upper respiratory tract which is caused by the infection with viruses. Read this article to know some useful home remedies for common cold.

3 Reasons Why You Should Consider Shifting Your Assemblage Point Today

Have you ever considered that perhaps you should shift your assemblage point? That exact same thought has occurred to many people. Some have actually tried it. Some never did their homework to get more info and thus didn’t know enough to get the full benefits of shifting an AP and some were unable to find a competent practitioner who is specialized in AP shifting.

Stop Sweating and Start Living With No Worries

Are you still suffering form embarrassing underarm wetness? Are you socially isolated because you are afraid of moving your arms and having your underarm stains seen and laughed at? Do you sometimes feel shivers running down your spine because people are talking about you behind your back and laughing at your wet underarms?

Reduce Your Grey Hair With Natural Remedies

Hair grows gray naturally due to various reasons like illness, stress, vitamin and nutrient deficiency. Read this article to know how to reduce grey hair effectively with natural remedies.

Guide to Stop Sweating and Start Living Reviews

You sweat so much and you don’t know why. While they usually say it’s because of the heat, others are still confused why they sweat excessively, far from the normal perspiration for a day’s work.

Chiropractic Care For Fibromyalgia Patients

The chronic pain and fatigue associate with fibromyalgia is debilitating and sufferers often are at a loss for treatment options, but chiropractic treatment may be an alternative that can offer relief. This type of medicine is based on the belief that most bodily pain is caused by misalignment of the spine…

Alternative Ringworms Treatment, If Everything Else Fails

Ringworms, since they are fungal infections, usually, are very easy to treat. The first line of treatments for ringworm is usually topical anti-fungal creams which are available over-the-counter. Some of the more aggressive anti-fungal creams can be bought with doctor’s prescription because they can cause some side effects on the skin.

Chinese Yoga Clears Heat and Damp Conditions

Chinese yoga or qi gong (pronounced chi kung), is a powerful way to release the dampness and heat that summer time brings. Dampness and heat are states that can lead to health issues such as excessive weight, chronic fatigue, aggravation of inflammatory conditions, depression, anxiety, and digestive challenges.

Stop Sweating and Start Living E-book – To Solve Your Excessive Sweating

It is high school’s living hell, hand in hand with acne. It is your definition of discomfort and you find it synonymous with embarrassment. It ruined most of your social interactions in school and the agony carried on at work as most of the times you always end up being conscious instead of focusing on what you need to do. Do any of these ring a bell?

Stop Sweating and Start Living Download – Be Afraid No More

One of the difficulties presented by adolescent life is excessive sweating. No teenager or even a grown up for that matter would want to be caught or seen with underarm stains. To say that an underarm stain is an unsightly view is an understatement. However, the discomfort and anxiety that go together with this condition is even worse.

Stop Sweating and Start Living Book – A Step Closer to a Happier Life

Excessive sweating is a condition that starts in puberty, but usually continues on in later life. The armpits are the most common area in the body that is affected; however, the palms and the soles of the feet may also be involved. Medically, it is called hyperhydrosis, a condition characterized by perspiration in excess of that required in order to regulate body temperature.

Your Health Solutions and Whole-Body Regenerative Radiant Therapy by Far Infrared

The far infrared ray with a wavelength of 2 to 25 microns is considered the most therapeutic and the penetration depth in the tissues is about 1.5 inches or 40mm. This is the same infrared energy that our bodies radiate and thus is naturally safe for use in heat therapy.

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