EP 194: Becoming a Zen Athlete and Breaking The Matrix with Matthew Belair

Matt Belair is a high performance coach who helps people design and create a meaningful life. He is a best selling author and host of the Master Mind, Body, and Spirit show that has reached number #1 in over 15 countries. His book Zen Athlete is available at ZenAthlete.com and for more empowerment visit MattBelair.com

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Whole Food Colon Cleanse Products

Are you on the lookout for some good products that can help you to successfully cleanse your colon? If you have answered in the positive, then it is time for you to try out whole food colon cleanse products. Search the net and you will find thousands of sites that offer various types of products that can also help you but, the problem is that not all sites are reliable.

Bodywork Massage

Bodywork is actually a expression used in massage therapy to express any restorative, healing or personal improvement technique that involves touching or actual physical adjustment which concentrate on specific parts of the body. The methods are focused on decreasing tension within the body and improving the framework to facilitate the free flow of blood and energy.

Get to Know About Colon Cleansing Pills

It is amazing to observe how happily the modern generation teenagers are eating toxins and are not even aware about it. The fast food and the processed junk that they eat contain an unhealthy dose of saturated fatty acids. Chocolates, pastries, bacon, sausages, salamis… all of them are full of this silent poison. This poison does not reveal its identity to those who consumes it and by the time one realizes how dangerous it is, they are already affected.

Do Energy Drinks Have Value in Natural Medicine?

When people are feeling tired or have no energy they often buy energy drinks to give them a boost. Is this a good idea? Find out more from a respected natural medicine doctor.

Neem in Plastic or Glass?

You have to ask yourself how important is it to have the purest product you can when it comes to you and your family’s health? When people choose to use neem products, they more than likely are deciding to stay away from the conventional treatments of the day and go for something more natural.

Health – Command Your Body to Be Healthy

You can command your body to be healthy and it will do what you tell it to do. Sounds nuts, doesn’t it?

Buying Colloidal Silver

Are you looking to buy colloidal silver? In this short article, we will look at buying colloidal silver, the benefits, and what you could use this great alternative medicine for! Don’t buy colloidal silver until you read this short article! Here, you will discover the information you need, to make the best choices.

Where to Buy Colloidal Silver

Do you want to buy colloidal silver? Do you want to make sure that you buy the best colloidal silver products? In this short article, you will discover the information you need, to be able to get the best! Don’t buy colloidal silver until you read this short article!

How to Find Colloidal Silver

Do you want to buy colloidal silver? Wondering where you can purchase colloidal silver? In this short article, you will discover some hints and tips to be able to purchase ionic silver water, and get the optimum health you desire!

Home Remedies For Head Lice – What to Do When Your Child Brings Home Unwanted Friends!

Head lice is a common problem for children between 3 to 12 years of age. That is why home remedies for head lice are a must know for every parent. Although head lice are not dangerous, home remedies for head lice can help with the itchiness and inflammation of the scalp that an infected child experiences.

Healing With Baltic Amber

Natural healing is the most traditional medicine there is. When mankind began, there were no chemicals or additives or “quick medicinal fixes” as we often see in our society today. And as more people turn to what has worked in the past – and still works wonders today – there is one success story that has more than stood the test of time — Natural Baltic Amber.

Examples of Self-Administered Treatment For Bunions

There are tons of different reasons why a person would want to know if there are self-administered methods of treatment for bunions. Especially since the busy lifestyle the majority of the population needs to live with as well as the hard times with the economic crisis and all, it would really be wise to know if you can have your own means to dealing with such feet problems.

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