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Salt Crystal Lamps – Do They Work?

Himalayan salt crystal lamps have been used for centuries for their reputed health benefits, but do they work? According to many health experts, salt rock lamps offer a myriad of health benefits. This article discusses the science behind salt rock lamps, negative ions, and the health benefits attributed to salt crystal lamps.

Control Excessive Sweating – Discover 3 of the Most Common Main Causes

To control excessive sweating is like looking for love in all the wrong places? Why? Because, in this case, until you know the cause, the solution can be a long time coming.

When Zeolite Does Not Work – How to Optimize Your Health Benefits

Giving zeolite a try for better health may not work for you. Find out when zeolite does not work and how to get the most out of adding zeolite to your wellness program.

Electromagnetic Radiation and Your Health

The number of studies on the effects of electromagnetic radiation on human health ranges in the hundreds. Over one hundred of them have been published by 1990 and since then many more have been conducted. Although there have been a wide range of results, there is enough evidence to show a cause for concern regarding people’s health who have continuous or prolonged exposure to electromagnetic frequencies.

Alternative Therapy is Dead!

Are you ready for the big change? The “Complementary therapy” label is about to die and with it many of its practitioners. This is actually good news because the label is about to die only to make room for a bigger, fresher and more official one; “Therapy” or “Treatment”.

Self-Improvement Through Sound – Can Audio Be As Effective As Medication?

Our on-going thoughts are influenced by the information streaming into our minds at any given moment. What we are hearing is a huge part of that. Wouldn’t it be great if we could use “sounds” to make us feel the way we want to feel? It would be sort of like tuning a radio.

The Benefits of Fusion Excel Quantum Pendant

Would you believe that there is actually a pendant that would help you improve your health? The fusion excel quantum pendant is mad out of natural minerals which is said to produce the needed amount of scalar energy in the body. This type of energy will help the body to get more biofield, alleviating numerous health conditions without the need for surgery or oral medicines.

Biomat – Get a Healthy Life

Human body is extremely sensitive. It reacts immediately when something goes wrong with it or in it. It provides symptoms in various ways. Having pain on the back and neck, stress and fatigue, anxiety, inflammation, migraines and tension headaches, skin and muscle problems etc are the symptoms provided by our body and thus, indicate that we are not in good health.

Biomat – Scientific and Successful Medical Technology

This FDA approved medical device is designed by engineers, doctors and scientists and has become quite popular, thanks to the numerous health benefits extended by it. It is being used for pre as well as post treatment and recovery. The Biomat technology successfully balances negative ions and infra red light waves using a highly specialised computer system. The frequency which is extended by these light waves is absorbed in our system and it helps in curing health ailments and problems. As compared to other devices, the biomat does not become hot when turned on.

Bio Mats – Use Them For a Healthy Body

We all know that modern lifestyle is fraught with a lot of stress, pollution and unhealthy elements that lead to many toxins getting accumulated within our body. It is imperative to detoxify our bodies on a regular basis so that the system is clean and the cells within the various organs are able to function properly.

Infrared Light Therapy Can Work For Blood Concerns

A good part of infrared light therapy is that it is something that can work to handle blood concerns. These include concerns that relate to blood pressure and even wounds that can occur as a result of diabetes. Here are some things to see bout infrared light therapy on the blood for a number of different conditions.

Biomat – Immense Health Potential

The health benefits of biomat are being appreciated by users. Home consumers use biomat to regulate the temperature and it can be set in such a manner that it lends comfort to the user. It has superb and deep penetrating results. The products are put to stringent tests and they are FDA approved and of high medical quality.

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