EP 190: Good-Bye Germ Theory (“story time” solo podcast)

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How to Stop Excessive Sweating – Start Living a Cool and Comfortable Life Once and For All

Sweating is a healthy and natural way for the human body to regulate body temperature. You have nothing to worry about if you are sweating while working out at a gym, doing some physical work, and sweating under the hot rays of the sun. Sweating is the body’s way to keep cool. Sweating also maintains the body’s salt balance.

Stop Sweating and Start Living – Can This Ebook Really Banish Your Sweating Once and For All?

What is “Stop Sweating & Start Living?” This eBook was written by Mike Ramsey, who used to suffer from excessive sweating during his teenage years. In this eBook are Mr. Ramsey’s experiences and this book also contains the 3-Step System that he used to overcome excessive sweating. In his book, Mr. Ramsey claims that excessive sweating can be reduced by as much as 95 percent in two weeks.

Deer Velvet and Its Richness in Collagen

Deer velvet, a 2000-year-old medicinal wonder drug of Chinese Medication, has acquired global fame in recent years due its specific development and special restorative potentialities. It is nowadays popular among athletes and health fanatics because of the presence of nutrients and operation-enhancing components.

Your Crown Chakra & Your Health – Achieving Bliss, Meditation & a Healthy Metabolism

How would you like to achieve bliss? I don’t mean “you just an amazing meal” kind of bliss, but rather the kind of bliss that ancient poets wrote about.

Clay Therapy

Clay or mud is an important as water as an external healing agent. The benefits derived from clay therapy are very much like hydrotherapy.

The Medicinal Value of the Oregon Grape

One of the characteristic plants of Oregon Native plants is the Oregon grape. It is also known as Mountain Grape. It can improve health symptoms caused due to weakness in the liver and this herb is also known to purify blood.

5 Indisputable Ways to Stop Sweating Before it Starts

Read below for a few effective, easy to implement solutions that have helped thousands of others and can help you too. Sweating is a natural process by which our body combats over heating, regulates fluid levels and expels waste products. However, this natural process becomes a problem that requires consideration when there is an abnormality.

Getting the Most Out of Your Outdoor Zero Gravity Chair

When you invest in an Outdoor Zero Gravity chair you are not just buying a regular garden recliner, you are buying a new experience in exclusive comfort. The chair brings a sensation of floating, rather like an astronaut in space. This isn’t surprising as the chair was originally designed by NASA to cushion the impact force on their astronauts’ spines during take off.

Kitchen Remedies – Sage

Sage is a great culinary spice, but did you know it can and is used as a antiperspirant? There are many useful herbal uses for Sage. The French have an old adage “Sage helps the nerves, and by its powerful might/ Palsy is cured and fever put to flight.” It even can be helpful for diabetes.

Kitchen Remedies – Rosemary

Rosemary (Rosmarinus Officinalis) has a colorful history of healing. The ancient Greeks thought that putting Rosemary garlands on their heads would help them learn, this has not been proven to be true, but of course it couldn’t hurt.

Five Misconceptions About Hypnotherapy Treatment

For a lot of people hypnotherapy treatment has done wonders. It is therefore a great pity that misconceptions continue to surround this healing option. It is because of certain mistaken beliefs that a lot of individuals have chosen to avoid this kind of therapy. Here are the top five myths that need to be corrected.

Your Third Eye Chakra & Your Health – Intuition, Awareness & Headaches

We are all born with two eyes and although our degrees of sight may be different from one person to another, we are still able to say that yes, we have two eyes and we can see “this” well. So how much better do you think you could see if you had been given a third eye?

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