EP 187: Are Vaccines Safe? (“story time” edition – solo podcast)

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Biomat – Could it Be the Answer to All Modern Health Concerns?

Before we can be in a position to connect the dots, in order to see whether Biomat could be the panacea to all modern health problems, it would be important for us to have a look at the dots first: by way of getting an introduction to Biomat, and by way of briefly exploring the modern health concerns. As it turns out, many things that were considered to be major health concerns in the last two centuries are no longer a threat to human existence, or even to human well being at a personal level.

What Reflexology Can Do For You

Excavated artifacts show that since the time of ancient civilizations, Reflexology has already recognized as a helpful form of treatment in ministering to many health and medical issues. The concept of Reflexology is a form of alternative medicine that utilizes the reflexes of the feet and the hands which are known to correspond to certain body parts, glands and organs. There are several reasonable theories explaining how Reflexology works.

What is Homeopathy and How Can it Help You?

Let’s start with what homeopathy is. It is a natural system of health care that was formed into its present day structure by a German doctor over 200 years ago. The man was Dr Samuel Hahnemann and he was a highly intelligent man, being fluent in several languages and a chemist, amongst other attributes.

Ways to Lower Body Temp in Order to Stop Sweating Excessively and Live a Cool Life

With a high body temperature, it is inevitable that one would sweat excessively. The medical term for this excessive sweating is hyperhidrosis. For many people, this is a problem that can affect one’s work, social, and personal life.

How to Stop Sweating So Much – Now You Can Start Living a Cool and Sweat Free Life For Good

Excessive sweating, or hyperhidrosis, is one condition that affects a minority of the population. This condition is characterized by profuse sweating in the armpits, face, feet, and palms. Oftentimes the sufferer would be reluctant to be shaking hands with another person because of excess sweat in the palms. Or you are concerned of the visible sweat rings in the armpits. Even body odor (which stems from excess sweating) is also an issue.

Home Remedies For Tendinitis

Tendinitis can occur wherever tendons are, but most tendon problems are found in a few places. Here are some ways to help heal and ease the pain.

Herbs Frequently Used Improperly

One of the risks of self diagnosis and self prescribing is that of choosing the wrong herb. Sometimes, it is an herb that functions in a totally different way and sometimes it is an herb that will aggravate an existing condition. Here are a few commonly misused herbs.

How to Stop Underarm Sweating and Live a Cool and Comfortable Life Once and For All

Excessive sweating occurs anywhere in the body. Excessive sweating, or hyperhidrosis, can occur in the armpits, face, palms, and feet. The most common site for excessive sweating is, of course, the armpits. Armpit sweating can cause body odor, which is not a good thing in social situations and the sweat circles in your clothes is not a good sight. Imagine people avoiding you because of body odor. Fortunately, there are a lot of ways you can do alleviate or stop excessive underarm sweating.

How to Select a Chiropractor?

A well trained chiropractor is the first requirement of chiropractic treatment. So, you must find a good chiropractor for you in order to have a lasting treatment.

Raw Milk – The Best Choice

Raw Milk has been a hot topic in westernized countries for years. It brings attention to the choices people make in their diets and the fight to gain the right to chose what we want to put in our bodies and what governments have chosen to allow.

Knowing the Reasons For Constipation Helps Prevent It

What Is Constipation? Constipation happens when bowel movements have become difficult and less frequent. The length of time between bowel movements vary from one person to another, however going longer than three days without bowel movements is too long.

Natural Remedy For Constipation – A Helpful Tip

Constipation is more common to women over 65 years of age and also tends to occur after surgery, during pregnancy and after childbirth and with some medications like pain relievers and conditions like multiple sclerosis. Is there a natural remedy for constipation? There are several actually.

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