EP 186: Why Viruses (including “Coronavirus”) Are Not The Cause of Disease(“story time”solo podcast)

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Bio Mats – The Best Way to Tune Up Body Systems

Just like the vehicles, our bodies too need to be serviced regularly to keep them in good running condition. Unfortunately we put too much stress on external appearances and want to look our best through cosmetic use, but forget that unless the internal organs are in good condition; the same would not get reflected on the outside and irrespective of any make up, you would not look the way you desire to look.

Bio Mat Treatment – A Unique Treatment Methodology

It is not easy to cope with diseases that defy cure or which are very difficult to control once they enter the body system. Cancer is one such disease and though the individual is put through chemotherapy as well as radiation to enable him or her to fight the disease, the side effects of these treatments are most unpleasant and that is why mankind has been looking for an alternative cure to this dreaded disease.

Bio Mats – Experience the Benefits

Advancements in technology and science have led to the creation of many alternative forms of health healing and techniques. People are now trying out therapies of various kinds in order to achieve good health and a cure to some of the more obstinate problems they have been facing and which they have been unable to cure through conventional means.

Who Should Avoid Infrared Light Therapy?

Although infrared light therapy can be a very beneficial type of physical treatment it is not something that is recommended for everyone. There are a few risks to be aware of with regards to infrared light therapy. These are risks that can influence how a person responds to a treatment. There are certain conditions that can cause a person to develop a negative reaction to this kind of treatment.

Infrared Light Therapy Can Work For Minor Injuries

There are all sorts of different minor injuries that can be simple in how they work but in many cases they can be painful. These include injuries that can occur as a result of some kind of sports event. Minor injuries can be easily healed with the use of infrared light therapy.

LED Lights Are New to the Infrared Light Therapy World

For years infrared light therapy has been done with lasers. Lasers can still be used today but a new type of treatment process is being used. This is something that is known as the LED light. The Light Emitting Diode light is something that can be powerful to the body and safe to handle.

A Look at Some of the Major Health Benefits You Stand to Get From Use of the Biomat

Simply put, the Biomat is a special mat that comes with a promise to deliver a number of health benefits, if used correctly and consistently. It is a mat whose usage, for instance, delivers to the user an abundance of negative ions, which come with a number of positive effects, as will become clear later in this discussion. Use of the mat also provides the user with an abundance of amethyst crystal, which again, comes with a cascade of its own unique health benefits.

Biomat – A Complete Health Package

The Biomat systems uses state of art technology and has a therapeutic effect on the body. With the help of infrared rays and the negative ions, one can be relieved of pain. It also helps in restoring the balance and energy levels in the body. The biomat technology is the masterbrain of a group of several medical professionals, engineers and scientists. It has been researched and established that the negative ions are greatly beneficial in treating muscoskeletal problems.

Understanding the Basic Workings of Infrared Light Therapy

We have seen, in the recent days, a huge increase in the number of people doing Internet-based research on the workings of infrared-light therapy. This is to be expected, in an increasingly health-conscious world; where people are looking for ways through which they can go the ‘extra mile’ in ensuring their own well being.

Biomat – Get Rid of Pain

It has to be borne in mind that if you want to experience less of stiffness and pain, then Amethyst Biomat needs to be used on a regular basis. Depending on the constitution of the patient and the health ailments, the period of recovery would vary. It is generally recommended to lie on the biomat daily or when sleeping at night. You need to lie on it at least for one hour to see visible results. This is a good way of kick-starting your treatment.

How Long Does an Infrared Light Therapy Treatment Take?

An infrared light therapy treatment is something that will not take too much time for a person to handle. This is thanks to how infrared light therapy will be something that can work in less than half an hour in many cases. This is something that is not only beneficial for this type of therapy but is also convenient for one’s needs.

Infrared Light Therapy Can Penetrate One’s Skin With Ease

One of the main benefits of infrared light therapy is that it is a process that involves working deep within one’s skin. This is used with the intention of helping to make sure that the deepest problems in one’s body can be targeted.

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