EP 184: The Truth About Spanish Flu and C19 (solo “story time” episode)

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You Can Pass Gallstone With Vitamins and Herbs – Easy Ways For Naturally Passing Gallstones

Fact: Passing gallstones naturally is quite simple. No need for a $20,000 gallbladder surgery, either. All you will lose is your gallbladder, a needed organ. Your surgeon will be richer but your gallstones can still return.

Reiki Music – Natural Healing With Soothing Reiki Music

Reiki music like any other music has its own rhythm and purpose. Music is the best invention and consequently innovation to ever happen to the universe. It is not only human beings that value and practice music. In some cultures, music is used to tame wild animals like snakes and elephants. Birds practice their own rhythms which if well scrutinized is good music.

Your Sacral Chakra & Your Health – Fertility, Desire, Creativity & Your Hips

Quick question. Do you always have tight hips or hamstrings? Can you touch your toes?

Naturally Pass a Gallstone – You Can Pass Your Gallstones Without Gallbladder Surgery

Discover how to naturally pass a gallstone and say no to gallbladder surgery. Easy gallstones home treatments to do right now.

How to Look After Yourself – Naturally

How many paracetamol do you take a week? Would you ever ask yourself why you need ready access to paracetamol? Every household has some in the medicine cabinet. Are there other options available to help you feel better. There are many natural, non invasive drug free options as a first line of treatment. Prevention is always better than cure, however if you need a cure and are willing to experiment, why not try an alternative to pharmaceuticals? This article explores the use of wheat bags as a natural method of providing pain relief.

Oregano Essential Oil Benefits

Oregano essential oil is a powerful tool that can help improve flexibility, boost the immune system and fight harmful infections. It can also help improve your health in other ways as well, read on to find out more.

Chiropractic – A License to Print Money?

Many patients and traditional care practitioners view chiropractic as a license to print money. This is because the basic notion of the healing art suggests that in order to maintain good health throughout life, regular check ups and adjustments are necessary.

Tea Tree Oil For Scabies

Did you know that tea tree oil can help get rid of scabies? Tests have proven it, and you can benefit from it.

Why Should You Be Paying More Attention to Your Chakras If You Want to Be Healthy?

Usually if you’re looking to be healthier, you’ll hit the gym more often, you’ll eat more fruits and vegetables.  You may even get to bed earlier and get a check-up from your doctor.

Natural Treatment Options For Anxiety a Logical Choice

Medication is not he only solution to help someone in getting cure from their anxiety attacks. There are many more ways in getting help and many natural treatment options for anxiety. Here, we will uncover the natural options that you can choose from to help you treat your anxiety attack.

Your Root Chakra & Your Health – Security, Stability & Balance

If you saw the word “Chakra” a few years ago or even a decade ago, you might sit there scratching your head.  That is, unless you practiced yoga or were familiar with Auyurveda, the traditional Indian medicinal system.

Bleeding Stool Cure – This Helps

Seeing blood on the toilet tissue after a bowel movement? I did so I had to find a Bleeding Stool Cure. It’s very stressing to finding spots of bright red blood on a piece of tissue paper and I was left wondering why this was happening to me of all people, and how I could get rid of hemorrhoids.

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