EP 164: Advanced Genetic and Lab Test Analytics to Optimize Body, Mind, and Energy

Joe Cohen won the genetic lottery of bad genes. As a kid, he suffered from inflammation, brain fog, fatigue, digestive problems, anxiety, depression, and other issues that were poorly understood in both conventional and alternative medicine.

Frustrated by the lack of good information and tools, Joe decided to embark on a journey of self-experimentation and self-learning to improve his health – something that has since become known as “”biohacking””. After creating the biohacker’s ultimate resource website, SelfHacked, Joe moved on to found the SelfDecode, the ultimate biotech software platform for dna-based health-research.

Today, SelfDecode helps 10’s of thousands of users get highly personalized health recommendations to meet their health goals through gene-based science. Learn more at SelfDecode.com

Traditional Treatments

Most of us in the modern world use prescription and over-the-counter medications to solve our ailments. This gets expensive quickly, of course. It wasn’t all that long ago that people used folk medicines and home remedies to get relief.

Deodorant Vs Antiperspirant

Mainstream deodorants and antiperspirants generally serve their purpose: to reduce sweat and offer a pleasant fresh scent. Unfortunately the majority of these products contain ingredients which are harmful to the body and can actually cause illness, and in some cases cancer. The ingredients in these products quickly penetrate the skin easier than other products because the skin under the arms is thinner and more porous than other areas of the body.

Getting Toenail Fungus Laser Treatment is Good

When it comes that you are suffering from toenail fungus, you ought to choose timely treatment. Laser treatment is recommended by physicians for severe infection and long history.

Ovarian Cysts Postmenopausal – How Common is It?

You have probably heard that cysts on the ovaries, in particular functional cysts, are common among premenopausal women, but just how frequently do ovarian cysts postmenopausal occur? Recent studies have shown that ovarian cysts postmenopausal may be more common than what was originally believed.

Creating Your Own Medicinal Herb Garden

Having a medicinal garden either indoors or out is a great idea. It can be fun and having these particular herbs on hand and fresh will assure you that you always have them when you need them. Many seeds are available at your local garden center and once you start a garden of your own, you have a ready supply available.

Tulasi the Wonder Herb

Tulasi redeems us from all sins. Tulasi provide us with all the wealth. Tulasi and Indian families have symbiotic relationship. A house with out Tulasi plant is like a temple with out deity.

Essiac Side Effects

Essiac, the name is becoming more and more popular. The reason is that it could be one of the possible cures for cancer. Essiac is actually an herbal tea that consists of Burdock root, sheep sorrel and Indian rhubarb root.

Controlling Night Terrors, With an Energy Balancing Device – EMF Protection

You will be surprised to know that about 5 % of children and adults suffer from night terrors. You may be as chirpy and merry as a cricket in the day, but at night, you suddenly wake up screaming, because of an oppressive feeling, or a feeling of terror, troubling you when you are fast asleep.

Is the EMF Pendant a Really Good Way to Protect Yourself From EMF Radiation?

This is a question which is asked by a large number of people, who find themselves exposed to electronic devices in their surroundings. So, if you find yourself surrounded with cell phones, computers, TVs, microwaves, and other devices which are going to be emitting harmful electromagnetic rays, you might want to look at the efficiency of the EMF pendant.

Healthy Joints and Bones With Ayurveda

How many of us have felt that stiff knee when standing up from that crouching position? Or felt a stinging pain while walking after sitting or squatting for a long time? Most of us have experienced some kind of pain in the joints at one point or the other.

Constipation No More With Ayurveda

Ever wondered why you were having recurring pains in the tummy for days together? Or why your visits to the bathroom were becoming infrequent these days?

Prevent Bone Loss With Ayurveda

Termites are a huge problem for the wood industry. A beautiful and sturdy looking house can be hollow from within due to the weakness of its wooden structure created by the termites. Looks they say can surely be deceptive.

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