Dr. Robin Carhart-Harris: Psychedelic Psychotherapy

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Carhart-Harris is the head of the Centre for Psychedelic Research at Imperial College London. The Centre focuses on using functional brain imaging to assess how psychedelic compounds work in the brain and also explores their therapeutic potential, with a particular focus on depression.

Virgin Coconut Oil And AIDS Patients

No matter how one tries to deny that there is a stigma associated with this disease. A person with AIDS (PLWHA) is rarely outdoors because they are often feared and judged severely. Immunodeficiency syndrome or AIDS is a disease that is considered cured death has not yet been discovered. Recent studies indicate that if virgin coconut oil is probably the ultimate cure.

Fast and Simple Meditation Techniques

Firstly it is important to, sit upright with a straight spine. Place your feet flat on the floor, and your arms, palms turned upward, at the joint between your thighs and torso. Two things, however, are essential when finding your comfortable position: your spine must be straight, and you must be able to relax completely without slouching. Find a quiet place to sit where you will not be disturbed. This can be in a room of your home, or even a private spot where there is minimum noise.

Essential Helpful Meditation Tools

While it is true that basic meditation need not require special meditation tools, there are some tools that may be required in order to help increase meditation performance. This article includes some of the helpful mediation tools to enhance your experience and bring you into a meditative frame of mind.

Taking Probiotics During Pregnancy – Is It Safe And Is It Healthy?

What are probiotics, what do they do and, if you’re pregnant, is it safe to take them during pregnancy? And if it is safe are there any positive health benefits from taking probiotics in pregnancy?

Finding Ways to Fight Insomnia

How painful it is to be lying on your bed for long hours–you already lost track of time–counting sheep, wishing that would help make you feel sleepy? You know and you feel already tired but you just cannot sleep for some reason. And this happens while all the others have already peacefully dozed off. You can actually hear them snore already. How painful it is to realize that when time comes you could already feel your eyes are about to shut off, the sun is already rising and the night has actually ended. It is downright frustrating, I know. It sucks we have to go through that each and every night.

Reiki and Insomnia: How Reiki Can Help You Sleep Better

If you suffer from sleeplessness or insomnia, Reiki can help you sleep better. Isn’t it awful when you lie awake at night, tossing and turning with your mind racing? You can’t get comfortable, you can’t relax and before you know it, it’s time to get up and you’re just as exhausted as you were when you went to bed?

Feverfew For Migraine Headaches And So Much More!

Who would have thought that this delicate, feathery plant Feverfew and Migraine Headaches would go hand in hand? As someone who has suffered from them I can attest to the fact that it works. That was the main reason I started growing Feverfew 12 years ago. That one little plant has now spread over many acres into at least a hundred plants.

Allergy Medicines Can Make Such a Difference

I love to be outdoors, but it is not always easy with the various allergens you can encounter, especially when you are in a different part of the country or the world. That is why I have found that allergy medicines can make such a difference. One of my favorite activities is to go exploring in wooded areas.

An Alternative Medicine Depression Treatment or Two That May Really Work

Regular medicine does have a range of treatments for depression. Not everyone believes in them though. There are people who choose to disagree with the kind of approach that treating with chemicals takes.

All About The Life Of A Clinical Pharmacologist

A clinical pharmacologist is an excellent asset to any medical research team. Clinical pharmacologists are educated in the field of pharmaceutical products, but their knowledge runs much deeper than that of a pharmacist.

How To Grow Taller After Puberty Fast

Is it possible to grow taller after puberty fast? Most people say no however it is indeed possible to grow some inches even if you think that you have stopped growing.

When Pediatric Internal Medicine Is The Best Answer

It is often difficult to understand what children may be suffering from when they’re unwell. This is especially true for infants and toddlers, who are unable to communicate their feelings and needs in a clear verbal manner. Typical signs and symptoms may be noted by their vigilant parents, but sometimes it isn’t a simple cold, flu or respiratory infection.

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