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Dr. Klinghardt Teaches “Self Testing Supplements”



Um, let me show you like some nice stuff testing thing that that um, I know this is not a Muslim testing thing, but I wanted to show you mind standing up in this I showed you something nice. Okay, just um, so what I want you to do is thank you understand here and point, you know, see this line up here like the nice structure.

And so what I want you to do is like you keep your you're going to keep your shoulders square with the floor and then kind of cross over and see how far I can comfortably go before the tissue is our kind of seem to be finished. Yeah, so just do that with a laser.

Okay until about that. Okay, and now hold with you do the same thing while holding your maxillary sinus with the other hand. No. No again. You hold the maxillary sinus? Okay, and you start from fresh and kind of go and do the same thing.

Yeah, you see the. The difference of about 3 meters. Yeah, and so it's a wonderful self test. You know, there is very very objective. You can express it in distance of the restrict the fascial Restriction of comes. Yeah, do your frontal sinus the same way because C of yeah, no change there. Yeah, and so we already know yeah the maxillary sinus and so it's just wanted to show you can work without muscle testing. We're just doing some other testing procedure and this is sort of like I would have to teach it to all our patients ideal way to test your supplements, you know this kind of put this in take the thing in your hand and see the changes are going to be surprised how few of your things are really working.

But the ones that are working are fantastic, you know, but the success you don't have a test.

You take all this thing kind of hoping the one that works thus in there, you know, but it's kind of nice to have a self test. So this is the test I do at home for myself, you know, I've tried everything else but this is a very objective one.

You just need the loan you need something as far away as you can you need a straight line that you can follow has the same. That gives us the same elevation as you need a laser pointer to of course later on you can do without delays or see this kind of, you know, do this and then C and so whenever your your body becomes elastic, you know and increase the distance that you can go freely.

That's a good thing, you know and bad things create fashion restrictions and torsion and your body that. Anyway, so and so this was just um to show that we can enhance the diagnosis and then of course we can use the same technique to find out what to put in there, you know, but this case we're just going to use propane but if you want wanted to know, okay, should I put the MPS in there or the homeopathic or so you can test all of that quickly and see which one?
Opens the the thing back up.

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Dr. Klinghardt Teaches "Self Testing Supplements"

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