Dr James DiNicolantonio: (The Salt Fix Review) Benefits of Salt on Improving Blood Pressure & Health

Medical researcher & author of The Salt Fix book, Dr James DiNicolantonio, blows the lid off the advise we should all be on a low salt diet to avoid high blood pressure and poor health.

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James has done extensive study on the medical research behind why nutritional guidelines say we should all try avoid excess salt in our diet.

What he has found is the opposite to what traditional advise is given. That is he found out very few people get significantly lower blood pressure on a low salt diet.

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This means if you are avoiding adding salt to your food or minimising the amount of salt you cook food with then you can stop doing that.

James highlights the big worry that getting too little salt in your diet can cause a raised heart rate. This means your cardiovascular system is working harder than it should by being on a low salt diet.

This is only one bad side-effect from not getting enough sodium in your diet.

Another very interesting part he shared was for people on a low carb high fat diet or keto diet. These people need to take eve more salt as their bodies are naturally getting rid of sodium by being on the diet.

Then there is coffee and tea drinking effect on our kidneys excreting more salt. Again if you drink coffee you need more salt.

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