Dr. Guillermo Ruiz: Botanicals With Anticancer Properties

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Dr. Guillermo Ruiz is a graduate medical student from the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine. His aim is to use his research to advance Naturopathic medicine using an evidence-based approach, and focuses on finding evolutionary connections between our modern and traditional health care systems. Guillermo is currently a research assistant at SCNM and associate researcher at Arizona State University Biodesign Institute, where he focuses on botanical medicine research. His hobbies include researching, learning, practicing and teaching the benefits of adhering to an appropriate evolutionary diet.

Keys To A Heart Healthy Lifestyle

Why the fuss about Cholesterol? What about the Cholesterol lowering drugs called Statins? Keep it simple by thinking about the 3 main principles: diet, exercise and stress management as you go through each day and stay committed to realistic goals.

Reasons for Surge in Natural Remedies

In recent decades, natural remedies and cures have seen a strong resurgence in popularity. It may seem counter-intuitive that when medical technology is increasing at such a rapid rate that people would become more interested in investigating and using remedies that have been around for hundreds and, in some cases, thousands of years.

How to Remove a Skin Tag

Skin tags are frequent skin growths that look like a tiny chunk of soft, hanging skin and are not dangerous. Skin tags are far more usual for people around the middle ages up towards the age of 60. Generally skin tags are left untouched, but can be removed if the growths generate discomfort or there are cosmetic reasons.

Tips on Choosing Herbal Medicines As an Alternative Health Therapy

There is always something good about consuming natural or organic products. Herbalists and manufacturers of herbal medicine encourage the intake of herbal products as dietary supplements and medications. Herbalists study the positive effects of herbs on the body. Medication manufacturers work hand-in-hand with herbalists in developing products and medication out of herbal plants.

The Popularity of Alternative Health Therapies

You were strolling and window shopping when you came across a boutique with a signboard that says, “Available: Alternative Health Medicines and Therapies”. Out of curiosity, you entered the shop. You saw boxes and bottles with capsules and tablets of organic medicine. There were cartons of tea and coffee bags on one rack, and pots of gingko capsules on the other.

Reflexology: An Effective Alternative Healing Method

Massage therapy is a form of alternative healing. There are different kinds of massage therapy used all over the world. Reflexology is one of the most popular methods of massage therapy practiced today.

The Uses of Herbs As Alternative Medication

The advocacy for healthy living is widespread all over the world. A lot of people are now starting to be more conscious of their health. Along with this, the benefits and effects of healthy foods and herbal medicines are also gaining recognition. Many homeowners choose to grow a garden of herbal plants, to cut the expenses of the continuously increasing prices of medications and drugs.

How Peppermint Is Used in Alternative Healing

Although a lot of medical experts today do not really embrace alternative medicine, the different methods and practices of alternative medicine have been practiced since ancient times. Alternative medicine refers to the use of healing or treatment methods that are not in line with the methods of conventional medicine. The medication used in alternative medicine is usually manufactured from plants.

Depression Information

Studies about the useful benefits of exercise in depression have been done in the past until now. Scientists say that physical activities can alleviate the effects of it in an individual.

Depression on Its Way Part 3

This dramatic life can sometimes be very demanding and it may be hard to cope up with all of the challenges that it may present. There are moments that someone feels very sad and anxious for he may worry about the future of his family and loved ones when something bad happens to him. Truly, sometimes, you cannot help but think of it.

Colloidal Silver For Acne – Using Colloidal Silver For Acne Prevention

Colloidal silver for acne has become something that is very popular in the treatment of this condition. Many people who find themselves victim of pimples and such are looking for all different ways that they can get rid of it. There are many different products on the market that claim that they will do just that.

Getting an Accurate Measurement of Body Fat

In case you want to monitor or control your recent body fat percentage then the main garget to use is the body fat analyzer. There are various shapes and sizes of this tool, but the idea of how to use them is just the same. The method the electronic body fat analyzer is the idea of bioelectric impedance.

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