Dr. Beth Healey on Living In Extreme Conditions | Biohacker’s Podcast

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Biohacker’s Podcast Teemu Arina interviews Research MD Beth Healey who spent an extended period of time at Concordia station in Antarctica researching extreme conditions (e.g. temperatures as low as -100 celsius) where humans are put to test during difficult missions such as one we may take to planet Mars.

Different Kidney Infection Causes You Must Be Aware Of

Pyelonephritis is the word used to mean kidney infection in the medical language. Kidneys eliminate toxins from the body and purify blood. When bacteria invade the urine, it causes kidney infection. The bacteria can infect the urethra from outside. This infection spreads to the kidney and from the kidney to the other organs.

Is Height Increase Surgery Your Only Option For Growing Taller? Or Can You Grow Taller Naturally?

If you’re plagued by being short and desperately want to increase your height, then you may be considering height increase surgery. After all, many people mistakenly believe surgery is the only option they have to grow taller if they’ve already gone through puberty and have stopped having growth spurts.

A Rolfer’s Approach To Lower Leg Issues

Many patients have come to me with issues of the lower leg, especially plantar fasciitis and knee issues. Here is my way of thinking about the challenge.

Aromatherapy Treatment With Essential Oils For Wellness & Relaxation

Do you have stress in your life? Aromatherapy can help. Essentuak oils have been used for centuries for wellness and relaxation.

3 Easy (And Free) Sinusitis Remedies to Bring You Relief

Thin the mucus and keep it moving by drinking a lot of fluids. These can be hot or cold depending on what you choose. Not only will your sinuses drain better, but certain herbal products will help speed up this process. These are…

Natural Help For Sinus Problems

Sinus Problems are so common these days. They can be very irritating and extremely hard to get rid of. It has been my experience that all physicians want to do these days to fix these type of infections is to give out antibiotics or drugs.

The 3 Core Skills of Qigong That Nobody Knows

If you want to succeed with Qigong you need to practice, practice, practice these 3 core skills. So what are these 3 core skills that hardly anybody knows about?

Stop Sweating and Start Living by Understanding Your Hyperhidrosis Condition

For a hyperhidrosis sufferer to stop sweating and start living it’s critical for them to understand their condition and the different variations that it presents. As we all know, sweating can occur on most any part of the body in general, but excessive sweating does have focal points where it occurs on people in a clinical sense.

The Healing Power of Magnetic Therapy

Thanks to recent studies conducted in the Journal of Electro and Magnetobiology, magnets are now frequently used therapeutically to relieve various ailments and pain. Magnets as therapeutic aids were first discovered by adventurous and eager new physicians who put a great deal of time and effort, and perhaps a bit of faith, into experimenting with the possible uses of magnets.

How to Stop Sweating – Can You Really Banish Excessive Sweating?

If you want to learn how to stop sweating then I recommend you read the rest of this article. Excessive sweating, also known medically as hyperhidrosis, is something that affects about 1% of the world’s population.

Ayurveda Home Remedy Guide

Home remedy guide. Check out the ayurveda home remedy guide to know how you can cure the acidity, chronic constipation and all kinds of stress with simple yet very effective home remedies.

Immune System Health Affected by Vitamin D

We know the South Florida sun can make you look great, but did you know it could also help you feel great? Recent studies indicate that exposure to sunlight causes the body to produce Vitamin D, a nutrient that significantly promotes immune system health.

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