Don’t Let Intermittent Fasting RULE Your Life

Don’t Let Intermittent Fasting RULE Your Life #shorts

Juniper Berry Essential Oil – Relieving Water Retention

One of the top herbs for urinary system is the Juniper Berry, which is also known as Baccae juniper. The plant is a small bushy shrub or a tree, which is evergreen. It grows up to 3-35 feet in height and has blue-green needles and small flowers…

7 Good Reasons Why Someone Wishes to Be Taller

Who knows anything about why someone wishes to be taller? Know anything about it? The subject might be very important to many of us, but you’ll find very few who actually understand it. There are lots of people who have heard of it but very few actually know much about it.

Patchouli Essential Oil – Overview of Practical Use

Using Patchouli essential oil comes with many health benefits. It is mainly used in skin care and for the treatment of skin disorders like acne, cracked or excessively dry skin, dermatitis, eczema, sores, scars, fungal infections, as well as in treating dandruff. The cosmetic uses of this essential oil are for the treatment of rough, tired, and inflamed skin…

Trigger Points Location Chart – Find Out Where to Map Your Triggers

Finding all your trigger points can be a daunting task. Fortunately, by using a simple system and some trigger point charts, you can track down all the causes of your muscle pain – and start treating them methodically.

Barley Greens

Barley grass is grown by placing the seeds within a container of water. After the seeds sprout, they are allowed to grow about ten inches before being harvested. After harvesting, barley grass can be turned into a powder.

Tips On How To Keep Your Skin Moist And Dewy On The Airplane

Skin turns usually turns dry and flaky when you are on board. You can do something to keep your dermis soft and dewy.

Loss of Appetite Cure – Effective and Permanent Natural Treatment

Irregular eating pattern can cause frequent loss of appetite. It is either due to eating heavy or at wrong time or due to food itself.

How Dangerous Is Salt For Teenagers?

Giving salt and pizza to our teenage children may save us a few tears and family stress at the time. But we are not doing them any favours at all. Only possible seeing them into an early grave!

Passing Kidney Stones Without Pain – 2 Best Tips on How to Do It

Most kidney stones will pass out of your body naturally. Here are some tips on passing stones without pain.

Zero Point Energy Pendant – Why Blueprint Frequencies Make This The Best Energy Pendant You Can Have

Energy Pendants are becoming very popular now because of the health benefits that these pendants are supposed to provide to the human body. With so many energy pendants available to choose from nowadays people tend to overlook the fact that all energy pendants are not the same. Some pendants are pure junk and will not give you the overall health your body needs.

The BioMat and Negative Ions

As humans, we are an ever moving, ever changing organism. Food and water constantly energizes us and needs replenishment. Our cells are forever replacing themselves with new ones. Our brains are a buzz of constant activity. Because of this, we find ourselves happier and more at ease around ions that are also moving and changing.

The BioMat and Far Infrared Radiation

One of the main tools the BioMat uses if Far Infrared Radiation, or FIR. For centuries, we have used heat to keep us warm. Fires, heating pads, space heaters-all of these warm our skin and keep us from the cold, but none of these methods are as effective as natural sunlight. Plants needs sunlight to survive. Similarly, humans do too. Though, just as we can survive off of coffee and soda rather than water, we make do with light bulbs and high heating bills when we can’t get out in the sun. It’s passable, but it’s far from optimal.

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