Don’t Give Up Your Power (Dr. Olivia Lesslar, AUS)

Dr. Olivia Lesslar completed her undergraduate degree in International Relations with a triple major including French and Diplomacy. After taking time off to travel, she felt compelled to pursue medicine and came back to Australia to complete her medical degree (MBBS) at Bond University in Queensland. In 2019, she was invited to work at The Neuroimmunology Associates, New York to collaborate with the internationally-renowned, double board-certified neurologist and psychiatrist Dr Jay Lombard. She holds certificates in remedial therapies including herbs, nutrition, and acupressure.

She is passionate about mobilising patients to take control of their health; focusing on sleep, movement, nutrition, and mindset as the core pillars of their well-being. Olivia provides a comprehensive evaluation of each patient, looking beyond their diagnosis and symptoms, and taking a whole-systems approach, to gain insights into the root cause.

Olivia practices across a broad spectrum of medicine, with an interest in prevention, personalised medicine and bio-hacking for longevity. She brings boundless optimism, and is fiercely committed to keeping up to date with the latest in medical research, in order to support her patients on their health journeys.

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