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Dr. Rex Gloria is a pioneer in Preventive and Longevity Medicine in the Philippines. He is a trained surgeon and holds a master’s degree in Preventive Medicine from the Dresden International University, a Post Graduate Specialization from the International Hormone Society in Brussels, and has completed Clinical Endocrinology courses at the Harvard Medical School. His research studies on Stem Cell Treatment of Retinitis Pigmentosa and Hormone and Vitamin Receptor Expression have been published in medical journals.

Dr. Rex operates his own preventive medicine clinic in Makati City, and is partnered with Ticeba GmbH for autologous stem cell treatments and tumor vaccine protocols. His success can be attributed to his comprehensive system of diagnoses and treatments that is holistic, proactive, sympathetic, and personal.

Chris Moore is a health entrepreneur. His purpose in life and business is to change healthcare and empower populations to take responsibilty for their own health. He has dedicated his career to growing the field of functional medicine. He has wide experience in laboratory analysis, nutritional supplements and medical clinic management. His company-Nordic Group is composed of several subsidiaries across Europe including: Nordic Laboratories, 5 Nordic Clinics, DNAlife, Nordic Health.

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