Deuterium Is Bad For You (Mike Costache, ROU)

Born in Romania in 1977, Mike Costache migrated to Israel in 1988 and then to the US in 1992. He holds a degree in Economics (1999) from Pepperdine University, a Certificate in Dispute Resolution from Pepperdine’s School of Law (2003) and has completed the Program on Negotiations for Senior Executives at Harvard (2008). Mike was featured in USA Today, Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Fortune, Inc. Magazine, Entrepreneur, CCTV, Business Week, Top Gear and numerous other media outlets.

Qlarivia’s water contains 25 parts per million (ppm) of deuterium, which is six times less than found in regular water from a spring well or bottled water or from the faucet. Drinking DDW offers numerous health and anti-aging benefits such as:

* Boosting immune system and detox
* Boosting glucose metabolism
* Increasing metabolic rate
* Offering heart and liver protective effects

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