Day 9 Carnivore Diet Experiment 🦁

Day 9 Carnivore Diet Experiment 🦁

I’ll be doing short Facebook live video updates everyday on my progress & thoughts each day on my carnivore diet experiment for Jan 2018 #worldcarnivoremonth

Today’s update is how I picked up 20kg of meat from my local butcher, how I got a better price on my meat order, my thoughts on comparing all meat diet cost per day to mixed food diet and how I noticed a change in my ketone levels depending when I test.

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Hypnosis, the Naked Truth and Steve Jobs

My immediate response to the success story of the late Steve Jobs was how exactly do you define what constitutes a success story? A success story can vary dramatically from one person to another.

The Law of Attraction and The Link to Hypnosis

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The Benefits of Facial Exercises

Facial exercises are becoming the front runner when it comes to getting rid of facial wrinkles, lifting sagging skin such as a turkey neck or simply achieving a facelift. The other methods people think of involve needles, surgery, or an exuberant amount of topical creams. The beauty industry constantly bombards us with the next procedure, skin treatment or product that promises the fountain of youth.

Hypnosis As an Alternative for Relief From Phobias and Pain Control

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Treating Scleroderma With PEMF Therapy

Scleroderma or progressive systemic sclerosis (PSS) is a very complex condition, with a major autoimmune component. PEMFs would be very helpful to control some of the complications and side effects of the scleroderma and may actually slow down its progression.

Natural Cures For The Body

Research tells us that Natural Cures, remedies and treatment are about products that are not artificial, but are natural with endless benefits. In today’s world, our lives are so stressful that our everyday existence is taking a toll on our body. Natural cures have become one of the best options when taking care of one’s health.

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Great All Natural Energy Supplements

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